Counselling and Coaching

Counselling and coaching.

Would you like to feel more satisfied and confident?  Are you dealing with a major transition and unsure on how to move forwards? Are you feeling stressed-out and in need of a new balance? Are you wondering how to move forward?

I support people who want to find out more about themselves in order to lead a more meaningful, satisfying and abundant life. I can help you solve work-related as well as personal issues.

My services in Amsterdam and Brussels:

  • Counselling, psychotherapy and coaching
  • Lectures/workshops on personal development
  • lectures/workshops personal and organizational leadership,   (see

I believe that during our lives we continue to grow and develop through various phases of maturation, in order to become more creative, more integrated and fulfilled.

For the last 30 years, I have studied various psycho-spiritual methods and tools. Trained as a psychologist and Jungian psychoanalyst, my interests brought me to integrate into my work psychology, the study of consciousness, management therories and practical personal developement tools.

What we experience as anxiety is always in relation to the past which no longer exists or a future which has not come (K.G. Dürkheim)

Counselling Amsterdam

Goodman Coaching provides an in-depth guidance in times of transition. By identifying and removing what prevents us from moving ahead, we can tap into new sources of energy and inspiration.

Aug 9-13 2019 Participation in the annual conference of the Academy of Management(AOM) in Boston, USA.

A In collaboration with esteemed colleagues a workshops on the following themes:Improving Lives by Developing Self Awareness of Faculty and Future Business Leaders on Friday 9th August Honing an Inclusive Diversity Culture through Cultivating the Human Essence of “Being”on Friday 9th Augusty

Global Mindset: A Tool for Effective Global Leadership

How can leaders manage across cultural boundaries? How can leaders lead with the complexity that stems from globalization of operations and markets? If you find these questions intriguing, join Eleftheria Egel and myself in the interesting workshop A Global Mindset is the disposition to see the world from the perspective of “Being” rather than “having” or […]


Being a part of leadership training program, I had a privilege to work with Vanessa as a coachee for almost a year. I highly recommend her as a coach. Great listener, calm and considerate in her coaching style, she has a rare skill of asking powerful and thought-provoking questions that really make you find answers in yourself.

D FrolovN-Trans Manager, Moscow

Vanessa has an excellent quality for a coacher: listener! She can adjust her method accordingly, as the customer’s needs reveal along the process. This guarantees good results and satisfaction.

Marco FraihaBusiness Development at Nutreco

I highly recommend Vanessa as Coach, she is great bringing structure and focus!

Danielle BeltranGlobal Head Brand Analytics en Philips | Big Data & Analytics

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