Career and Executive Coaching

Career and Executive Coaching Amsterdam

Goodman Coaching provides support for 40 + professionals, managers and leaders . For managing career and developing leadership skills.
Vanessa Prins is the founder of Goodman Coaching. She works with both businesses and individuals. Her individual clients are usually expat’s working in the management in international companies or academics.
Her core areas of expertise are Career Coaching and Leadership Coaching. The development of key competencies will lead to greater productivity and a more creative working environment.
Depending of the situation, one can expect:

  • Greater job satisfaction and motivation
  • Clearer career path
  • Deepened self-awareness and self-management (see HBR)
  • Enhanced effectivity

Vanessa Prins offers Career and Leadership Coaching Amsterdam, The Hague and Brussels. She also serves clients internationally (via Skype)

Feel free to Contact  her or call +31 (0) 6 124 174 64 for a free online introductory call or for any other inquiry.

Areas of expertise include

Career Coaching

Wondering what is the next step in your career? Thinking of a job change? Goodman Coaching provides Career guidance.

Executive Coaching

Goodman Coaching supports decision-makers in successfully navigating transitions and strengthening their leadership skills.

Personal Development

We offer personal development . To clarify one’s professional goals and sharpen key competencies. These include inter-personal skills, self-management and cultural sensitivity.

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