Why does Searle think that consciousness is “obviously” physical?

What is Searle’s view of consciousness?

Indeed, Searle maintains that the notion of an unconscious mental state is incoherent. He argues that, because consciousness is an intrinsically biological phenomenon, it is impossible in principle to build a computer (or any other nonbiological machine) that is conscious.

What is Searle’s thought experiment?

Chinese room thought experiment
Searle’s thought experiment begins with this hypothetical premise: suppose that artificial intelligence research has succeeded in constructing a computer that behaves as if it understands Chinese.

What is the point of Searle’s example of the Chinese room also what is Searle’s position on the possibility of strong artificial intelligence AI )?

Searle goes on to say, “The point of the argument is this: if the man in the room does not understand Chinese on the basis of implementing the appropriate program for understanding Chinese then neither does any other digital computer solely on that basis because no computer, qua computer, has anything the man does not

What is John Searle known for?

John Searle, (born July 31, 1932, Denver, Colorado, U.S.), American philosopher best known for his work in the philosophy of language—especially speech act theory—and the philosophy of mind.

What did Searle believe?

Searle believes that he has demonstrated that no computer program that manipulates symbols based solely on their formal “syntactic” properties (e.g., their shape and their position) can ever be said to understand a language . . even if it does pass The Turing Test.

What does Searle think his Chinese Room thought experiment shows quizlet?

Terms in this set (13) Searle is inside a room that shows a screen with inputs written in Chinese, but he does not know Chinese, so they look like meaningless squiggles. There is an output chute where he can put the correct output according to an English rulebook that tells you how to manipulate the symbols.

What did Searle say about the Turing test?

Searle argues against the applicability of the Turing test for machine intelligence. Searle is well known as a proponent of the thesis that it’s impossible for computers to “think” in the sense that humans do.

What does Searle mean by intentionality?

In Searle’s view, the Intentionality of a mental state is a property it has inherently, by virtue of its own internal character – its ‘Intentional content’ – and its relationships to other mental states.

What does Searle mean?

English: from the Norman personal name Serlo, Germanic Sarilo, Serilo. This was probably originally a byname cognate with Old Norse Sorli, and akin to Old English searu ‘armor’, meaning perhaps ‘defender’, ‘protector’.