Where can I find reliable entertainment reviews which are targeted for parents?

Is Common Sense a credible source?

Research backed. Since 2003, Common Sense has been the leading source of entertainment and technology recommendations for families and schools. Every day, millions of parents and educators trust Common Sense reviews and advice to help them navigate the digital world with their kids.

What is the most family friendly rating?

Both the MPAA film rating system and most television content rating systems have ratings for family-friendliness: a G rating in either is universally acceptable for all audiences, while a PG rating suggests that, while generally safe for children to watch, that there should be a parent or guardian present for guidance,

What is the best way to advertise to parents?

Second, if you sell products, look into selling them through Amazon, Etsy, and other online retailers that parents use frequently. Third, consider paying for advertising on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, or in publications like Parenting, Focus on the Family, and more.

Where is the parent’s guide on IMDB?

You can click on the MPAA certification (e.g., PG, PG-13, R, etc.) which will take you to the Parents guide page. You can click on All Topics (located under ratings) and select Parents guide under the Storyline section. You can go down to the Storyline section, and click on Parents guide.

What are 5 Reliable Sources?

What are credible sources?

  • Fact checking.
  • Sources for different purposes.
  • Dictionaries & encyclopedias.
  • Books vs scholarly books.
  • Types of journals. Peer-reviewed journals.
  • News and media.

What are 3 reliable sources for research?

Credible sources include peer-reviewed journals, government agencies, research think tanks, and professional organizations. Major newspapers and magazines also provide reliable information thanks to their high publishing standards.

How do I target my parents audience?

Determine Demographics

Find out the ages of the people who already bought or would buy your product and service. Determine the age of their children and how many still live with them. Find out the parents’ marital status and the size of their household. Review their income level and determine if the parents both work.

How do I sell my products to parents?

Marketing Tips for Baby & Kid Product Companies

  1. Create & Share Instagram Reels.
  2. Make good use of Rich Pins on Pinterest.
  3. Connect with like-minded moms.
  4. Post appetizers on Amazon.
  5. Leverage TikTok.
  6. Intentionally use email workflows.
  7. Build your site with conversions in mind.
  8. Make sure your packaging is optimized.

How do Millennials target their parents?

Marketing to Millennial Parents: 7 Surefire Tactics

  1. Embrace diversity. …
  2. Make sure your mobile and in-store marketing work together seamlessly. …
  3. Build a robust social media presence that will add value to Millennial parents’ lives. …
  4. Videos work. …
  5. Make your brand experience easy and convenient.

Which website is most reliable?

gov or . mil) – Government websites end in . gov are among the most reliable sources on the web. BUT beware of political sites, their intent is usually used to sway public opinion.

How do I find a reliable source online?

Check the domain name

Look at the three letters at the end of the site’s domain name, such as “edu” (educational), “gov” (government), “org” (nonprofit), and “com” (commercial). Generally, . edu and . gov websites are credible, but beware of sites that use these suffixes in an attempt to mislead.

What are some reliable websites for information?

A List of Credible News Sources

  • BBC News. BBC News is one of the most trusted sources you can ever find. …
  • The Economist. The Economist is a well-known and respected weekly magazine with a focus on international business, economics, and politics. …
  • The Wall Street Journal. …
  • Google News. …
  • The Guardian. …
  • CNN.

Which is the best example of a reliable source?

based on strong evidence.” Widely credible sources include: Scholarly, peer-reviewed articles and books. Trade or professional articles or books. Magazine articles, books and newspaper articles from well-established companies.

How do you find a good source for research?

Finding Credible Sources Online

  1. Start with a simple search. …
  2. Avoid Wikipedia. …
  3. Use online scholarly databases such as InfoTrac, LexisNexis, and EBSCO, which provide access to the latest research in hundreds of areas.
  4. Newspapers and magazines are also rich sources of information about what is happening now.

Who Is Behind Common Sense Media?

Jim Steyer

It’s an idea that tech companies will surely argue against if it begins to take shape beyond a talking point, but it has at least one early proponent: Jim Steyer, the founder and CEO of the hugely popular, 15-year-old nonprofit organization Common Sense Media.

Is Common Sense Media Political?

Steyer and his children’s advocacy group, Common Sense Media, have quietly become a political dynamo.

What is the advantage of common sense?

Common sense is a form of practical decision-making and the ability to imagine the consequences of something you do. It stops us making irrational mistakes and makes it easier to make choices on what to do.

What is a common sense rating?

Behind the Common Sense Media ratings system

Common Sense Media publishes independent ratings and reviews for nearly everything kids want to watch, read, play, and learn. We never accept payment or other considerations in exchange for deciding what to review or the scores we assign.

At what age does common sense kick in?


The term “age of reason” was first described in a 1976 article by child psychiatrists Theodore Shapiro and Richard Perry titled “Latency Revisited: The Age of Seven, Plus or Minus One.” But the age of seven has been considered the age where common sense and maturity start to kick in, for centuries.

How does Common Sense Media make money?

Donations from foundations and individuals and fees from media partners finance Common Sense Media. Today, the organization distributes its content to more than 100 million US homes via partnerships with a variety of media and tech companies.

How much does common sense cost?

We believe in giving our members the ability to choose the level of membership that works for them and their families, and the new Common Sense Media Plus membership program lets them do that. The $3 monthly fee for Plus supports the work Common Sense does for families and schools everywhere.