What’s the impact of studying learning theory in actual learning?

With a basic understanding of learning theories, we can create lessons that enhance the learning process. This understanding helps us explain our instructional choices, or the “why” behind what and how we teach.

Why is it important to study theories of learning?

An understanding of learning theories helps teachers connect to all different kinds of students. Teachers can focus on different learning styles to reach different students, creating teaching that focuses directly on student needs and aptitudes.

How educational learning theories can impact your education?

Applied learning theories directly impact a classroom experience in a variety of ways, such as: Providing students with structure and a comfortable, steady environment. Helping educators, administrators, students and parents align on goals and outcomes.

What are the importance of theories?

Theories are vital: They guide and give meaning to what we see. When a researcher investigates and collects information through observation, the investigator needs a clear idea of what information is important to collect. Thus, valid theories are validated by research and are a sound basis for practical action.