What’s the difference between “not all” and “some” in logic?

For the purposes of LSAT, “some” can be defined as “at least 1.” And saying “not all” is the same as “at least 1 is not.” The opposite of these equivalent statements is “All lawyers are ethical.” Another important thing to note is that because “some” just means “at least one,” it INCLUDES “all”.

What is the difference between not all and some?

“Some” means at least one (can’t be 0), “not all” can be 0. “No”, ~(∃x) , allows only number 0. No only allows one value – 0. Not all allows any value from 0 (inclusive) to the total number (exclusive).

What is the meaning of some in logic?

“Some” just means a sub-set with at least one member.

Is some and all the same?

But “some” means “a part but not all” so it would be false.

Does some mean all?

But, logically speaking, “some” can include “all,” so in the LSAT world, it may be that all of your friends are coming over. The nice thing about “some” is that the definition is clear: always at least one, but maybe all. Other terms, such as “few,” “several,” and “many,” are more relative.

How do you use not all?

used as a polite reply after someone has thanked you: “Thanks for helping.” “Not at all.” used to say “no” or “not” strongly: “I hope it wasn’t too much hassle for you.” “No, not at all.”

How do you say some but not all?

“Many will be called, but not all will be chosen.”
What is another word for not all?

some a few
several various
certain individual
numerous not much
a proportion of a range of

What is syllogism reasoning?

The word syllogism is derived from the Greek word “syllogismos” which means “conclusion, inference”. Syllogisms are a logical argument of statements using deductive reasoning to arrive at a conclusion. The major contribution to the filed of syllogisms is attributed to Aristotle.

What is considered a statement?

A statement is a sentence that says something is true, like “Pizza is delicious.” There are other kinds of statements in the worlds of the law, banking, and government. All statements claim something or make a point.

What does all not mean?

May 16, 2016 yanira.vargas. “Naught” means “nothing,” and the phrase “all for naught” means “all for nothing.” This is often misspelled “all for not” and occasionally “all for knot.”

What means not everyone?

Not everyone goes there. – means that not [all people within a group goes there], there are some people who do not go there. Only certain someones do. Not anyone goes there.