What kind of Hobbesian power is bio-power?

What is meant by bio power?

‘Biopower’ is the term he uses to describe the new mechanisms and tactics of power focused on life (that is to say, individual bodies and populations), distinguishing such mechanisms from those that exert their influence within the legal and political sphere of sovereign power.

What is bio power by Foucault?

Foucault’s concept of biopower describes the administration and regulation of human life at the level of the population and the individual body – it is a form of power that targets the population (Rogers et al 2013).

Which of the following is an example of bio power?

Customary regulations, habits, health, reproductive practices, family, “blood”, and “well-being” would be straightforward examples of biopower, as would any conception of the state as a “body” and the use of state power as essential to its “life”.

What is bio power in art?

Biopower, a specific form of power and rationality governing and administering life, analyzed by Foucault and others, is very closely connected with the contemporary visualizations and performances of life and the body that occur in bio art projects.

What is biopower and Governmentality?

Governmentality, first and foremost, is a term coined by philosopher Michel Foucault, and refers to the way in which the state exercises control over, or governs, the body of its populace. Meanwhile, biopolitics, which was coined by Rudolf Kjellén, is an intersectional field between biology and politics.

What does Foucault mean by biopower and biopolitics?

In the work of Foucault, biopolitics refers to the style of government that regulates populations through “biopower” (the application and impact of political power on all aspects of human life).

What is bio political?

: politics concerned with influencing environmental public policy and decision-making.

Where does Foucault write about biopolitics?

In the last chapter of The Will to Knowledge entitled ‘Right of Death and Power over Life’, Foucault provides a brief genealogy of biopolitics.

Who introduced the concept of biopolitics?

The Birth of Biopolitics

Author Michel Foucault
Language French
Published St Martin’s Press
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
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Is biopolitics a theory?

Biopolitics is a complicated concept that has been used and developed in social theory since Michel Foucault, to examine the strategies and mechanisms through which human life processes are managed under regimes of authority over knowledge, power, and the processes of subjectivation.