What is the mechanism behind one’s fascination in a topic or subject?

What is a fascinating subject?

If you describe something as fascinating, you find it very interesting and attractive, and your thoughts tend to concentrate on it.

What is an example of fascination?

Fascination is defined as something that attracts or intrigues someone, or the state of being attracted and intrigued. When you are obsessed with a specific performer on television and watch every single show and movie he is in, this is an example of a fascination.

What is the full meaning of fascinating?

Definition of fascinating

: extremely interesting or charming : captivating a fascinating documentary gave a fascinating account of the expedition. Other Words from fascinating Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About fascinating.

What is the similar meaning of fascinating?

Some common synonyms of fascinate are allure, attract, captivate, charm, and enchant.

How do you describe fascination in writing?

Fascination has the ability to produce intense focus — that feeling you’ve lost track of time since you’ve been completely drawn in to one activity.

Is it fascination with or fascination for?

You can say “This field is a fascination for me”, here it means that “this field has power to fascinate you”. You can say “I am fascinated with this field”, here it means that “you are in the state of being fascinated” You can say “I am fascinated by the field”, here it means that “you are fascinated by it”

What is the meaning of fascinating option a republic Option B Attractive Option C valuable option D beautiful?

General Science

c) attractive is meant by the word ‘fascinating’. The word fascinating is an adjective as it describes the noun or pronoun. The meaning of the word as per Oxford is “extremely interesting“. Few synonyms of the word fascinating are captivating, engaging, irresistible etc.

What is the adverb form of fascination?

fascinatedly. In a fascinated manner; with fascination.

Which among the following is opposite in meaning to fascinating?

Thus, according to the meaning, the word ‘boring‘ is the antonym of the word ‘fascinating’.

Are interesting and fascinating the same thing?

As adjectives the difference between fascinating and interesting. is that fascinating is having interesting qualities; captivating; attractive while interesting is arousing]] or holding the attention or [[interest#noun|interest of someone.

What is the sentence of fascinated?

Fascinated sentence example. It was hard to look at his face without being fascinated by the color of his eyes. I’ve always been fascinated with them. She watched, fascinated , as the storm crept closer.

What part of speech is fascinated?

fascinate is a verb, fascination is a noun, fascinating and fascinated are adjectives:The magician fascinated the children with his tricks.

How do you speak fascinated?

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