What is the difference between the words “false” and “untrue”?

‘False’ indicates definite, unqualified error; ‘untrue’ suggests that the statement does not have a unique meaning and cannot be endorsed as it stands.

Does untrue mean false?

adjective, un·tru·er, un·tru·est. not true, as to a person or a cause, to fact, or to a standard. unfaithful; false.

What is the difference between truth and false?

The distinction between truth and false is often perceived as an easy distinction to make, like a yes or no question. If you lie about something for example, then what you are saying is false, if you tell the truth then it is true.

What is the meaning of the words untrue?

Definition of untrue
1 : not faithful : disloyal. 2 : not according with a standard of correctness : not level or exact. 3 : not according with the facts : false.

What is the word for not true?

What is another word for not true?

inaccurate incorrect
defective faulty
imprecise mistaken
unreliable out
false untrue

How do you use untrue in a sentence?

Untrue sentence example. It was untrue to be sure, but still it was terrible, and she could not help thinking of it. It wasn’t completely untrue ; Mr. Tim was in Colorado.

What is false hearted?

Definition of falsehearted
: having a disloyal heart a falsehearted traitor— Shakespeare.

Which spelling word is a synonym for untrue?

In this page you can discover 72 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for untrue, like: incorrect, false, prevaricating, misleading, fallacious, meretricious, mendacity, counterfactual, mendacious, lying and perfidious.

What is a word for false love?

Unfaithful; not of true fidelity; inconstant. Of, pertaining to, or representing. Without loyalty; faithless, traitorous.

What’s the meaning of double faced?

Definition of double-faced
1 : hypocritical, two-faced. 2a : having two faces or sides designed for use a double-faced bookshelf. b or less commonly double-face \ ˌdə-​bəl-​ˈfās \ : finished on both sides : reversible —used of fabric.

What means two-faced?

Someone who is two-faced is not sincere, saying unpleasant things about you to other people while seeming to be pleasant when they are with you: I don’t trust her – I suspect she’s a bit two-faced.

What do you call a person who pretends to be nice?

phoney. adjective. informal someone who is phoney pretends to be friendly, clever, kind etc.

What does having 2 left feet mean?

Definition of two left feet
used to describe a person who dances badly My wife is a good dancer, but I’ve got two left feet.

What does putting 2 and 2 together mean?

make a correct guess

Definition of put two and two together
: to make a correct guess based on what one has seen or heard : to figure something out You weren’t home so I put two and two together and went back to your office to find you.

What is the meaning of eating humble pie?

to admit that one was wrong

informal. : to admit that one was wrong or accept that one has been defeated They had to eat humble pie when the rumors they were spreading were proved false.

What is the meaning of the idiom go scot free?

Definition of get off scot-free
informal. : to not get the punishment that is deserved It’s not fair. I was punished and they got off scot-free.