What is considered to be unknowable?

Unknowable is a category of information that can’t be known with certainty. This represents a hard limit to human knowledge at a point in time.

Are some things unknowable?

While much and religious. While much in religion is unknowable using a non-religious way of knowing only creates more that is unknowable.

What is an unknowable unknown?

As adjectives the difference between unknown and unknowable

is that unknown is not known; unidentified; not well known while unknowable is not knowable.

What counts as a tok object?

Objects can be digital, not physical – such as a photograph of an object, or a Tweet posted by a person. Objects should have a specific real-world context, and not be generic examples of something. Objects can be something you have created, but not for the exhibition.

What is a knower Tok?

TOK is all about asking questions and daring to know for oneself. It is subversive in the sense that it discourages swallowing piecemeal conventional ideas of the day or the prepackaged opinions of peers or authority figures.

What counts as good evidence for a knowledge claim?

For true beliefs to count as knowledge, it is necessary that they originate in sources we have good reason to consider reliable. These are perception, introspection, memory, reason, and testimony.

What counts as a good justification for a claim TOK objects?

The knowledge claim is justified with adequate evidence. Justification requires Coherence with previous data and Clarity with regard to language and logic. There can be no Contradiction or strong Counter evidence.

What is a good object for TOK exhibition?

In practice, the objects (and IA prompts) should have something to do with the themes you have studied in TOK: either the core theme (knowledge and the knower), or one of the optional themes (Knowledge and language, religion, technology, indigenous societies or politics).

What is counted as knowledge?

Knowledge is a familiarity or awareness, of someone or something, such as facts (descriptive knowledge), skills (procedural knowledge), or objects (acquaintance knowledge), often contributing to understanding.

What is a knowledge claim example?

Here are some examples: “There are an infinite number of prime numbers.” This is a first-order knowledge claim because it resides firmly inside the area of knowledge mathematics. It is established using the method of mathematical proof.

What is classed as good evidence?

Good evidence means the recommendation considered the availability of multiple adequate scientific studies or at least one relevant high-quality scientific study, which reported that a treatment was effective.

What is the most reliable form of evidence?

Physical evidence is generally much more reliable than testimonial evidence.