Turing Test and Functionalism?

What is an example of functionalism in psychology?

For (an avowedly simplistic) example, a functionalist theory might characterize pain as a state that tends to be caused by bodily injury, to produce the belief that something is wrong with the body and the desire to be out of that state, to produce anxiety, and, in the absence of any stronger, conflicting desires, to …

What is the difference between analytic functionalism and psycho functionalism?

The essential difference between analytic and psychofunctionalism is that the latter emphasizes the importance of laboratory observation and experimentation in the determination of which mental state terms and concepts are genuine and which functional identifications may be considered to be genuinely contingent and a …

Who is the father of psycho functionalism?

Functional psychology

Edward L. Thorndike
Born Edward Lee ThorndikeAugust 31, 1874 Williamsburg, Massachusetts, U.S.
Died August 9, 1949 (aged 74) Montrose, New York
Occupation Psychologist
Known for Father of Educational Psychology Law of Effect Behavior Modification Pioneer of Functionalism