Thought-experiment: pick a criminal from a lineup?

What is an example of a thought experiment?

Examples of thought experiments include Schrödinger’s cat, illustrating quantum indeterminacy through the manipulation of a perfectly sealed environment and a tiny bit of radioactive substance, and Maxwell’s demon, which attempts to demonstrate the ability of a hypothetical finite being to violate the 2nd law of …

What is presently called as a thought experiment?

In this way, thought experiments resemble real experiments, except that they are experiments in the mind. The terms “thought experiment,” “imaginary experiment,” and “Gedankenexperiment” are used interchangeably. There is no consensus on a definition, but there is widespread agreement on which are standard examples.

Who is the proponent of thought experiment?

Ernst Mach is commonly credited with introducing the word “thought experiment” (Gadankenexperiment) and thereby coining a term for philosophical discussion (most recently Krauthausen 2015, p. 15).

Are thought experiments useful?

Thought experiments may be useful in generating new hypotheses, but they fail to provide evidence in support of hypotheses. This naturalistic methodology provides ample room for philosophical in- vestigations that should be much more productive than mere speculation.

How do you make a thought experiment?

Examines what their responses would be or what actions. And ideas would be appropriate to given the circumstances. Or what would follow from the experiment.

What is a thought experiment quizlet?

A thought experiment is an experiment carried out in our imagination. This is where we Imagine a certain situation, Follow through some of the consequences of that situation, and draw a general conclusion.

What was Galileo’s hypothesis in his thought experiment?

According to the story, Galileo discovered through this experiment that the objects fell with the same acceleration, proving his prediction true, while at the same time disproving Aristotle’s theory of gravity (which states that objects fall at speed proportional to their mass).

What was the point of Descartes thought experiments?

The purpose of Descartes’ “thought experiment” with the lump of wax was to show that: E. knowledge must be founded on reason rather than sense perception.

What does Mary’s room thought aim to prove?

Mary’s Room is a thought experiment that attempts to establish that there are non-physical properties and attainable knowledge that can be discovered only through conscious experience. It attempts to refute the theory that all knowledge is physical knowledge.

How did Einstein do his thought experiments?

In his youth, he mentally chased beams of light. For special relativity, he employed moving trains and flashes of lightning to explain his most penetrating insights. For general relativity, he considered a person falling off a roof, accelerating elevators, blind beetles crawling on curved surfaces and the like.

How did Albert Einstein used to think?

It’s no coincidence that around the same time, Einstein began to use thought experiments that would change the way he would think about his future experiments. His first, at age 16, saw him chasing after a light beam which would help launch his discovery of special relativity.

What was the experiment conducted by Albert Einstein?

Einstein’s Most Famous Thought Experiment.

What was the name of the experiment that Einstein was trying to explain when he developed the beginning of the quantum theory of light?

The photoelectric effect

Founding experiments

The photoelectric effect: Einstein explained this in 1905 (and later received a Nobel prize for it) using the concept of photons, particles of light with quantized energy.

What was Albert Einstein’s last experiment?

On 11 February, researchers in the US announced the first direct detection of gravitational waves – ripples in space-time that are the final unconfirmed prediction of Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Did Einstein know about Michelson Morley experiment?

Yes, Einstein was aware of the Michelson-Morley experiment. The Michelson-Morley experiment looked for an absolutely stationary space the Earth moves through. The near-null result is evidence the aether is not an absolutely stationary space.

What is the conclusion of Michelson Morley experiment?

The Michelson–Morley experiment is the most famous null experiment in the history of physics. They found that the velocity of the Earth relative to a hypothesized ether was effectively zero. This result refuted virtually all of the then current ether theories.

What two main obstacles prevent us from traveling today throughout the galaxy at relativistic speeds?

What two main obstacles prevent us from traveling today throughout the galaxy at relativistic speeds? The large quantity of energy and radiation shielding.

What hypothesis did GF FitzGerald make to explain the findings of Michelson and Morley?

What hypothesis did G. F. FitzGerald make to explain the findings of Michelson and Morley? The length of the material in the experiment contracted in the direction of motion. What classical idea about space and time did Einstein reject?

What does Jackie say about the lights as they illuminate you?

What does Jackie say about the lights as they illuminate you? The green light illuminates you at the same time as the red light because although the green light flashes first, you are traveling away from it. You just studied 3 terms!