Thinking about something vs. doing something

What’s the word for thinking about something?

Frequently Asked Questions About think

Some common synonyms of think are conceive, envisage, envision, fancy, imagine, and realize.

What is it called when you think about something before you do it?

ponder. verb. formal to think carefully about something for a long time before reaching a decision.

What does it mean to think about doing something?

be thinking

be thinking of​/​about doing something ​Definitions and Synonyms. phrase. DEFINITIONS1. to have already considered something but not yet made a decision about it.

What is it called when you don’t have to think about doing something?

But if you have “avolition,” your habit of putting off a task is on a whole different level. Avolition is a total lack of motivation that makes it hard to get anything done.

What is the synonym of envision?

Some common synonyms of envision are conceive, envisage, fancy, imagine, realize, and think.

How do you say think about it in a formal way?

‘I Think’ Synonyms List

  1. In my opinion.
  2. As far as I’m concerned – This phrase is often used in a more authoritative sense.
  3. I believe that…
  4. I am of the opinion that…
  5. It is my belief…
  6. It seems to me/It appears to me.
  7. To my way of thinking/In my way of thinking.
  8. I honestly think that/ I honestly believe that…

What’s a word for thinking deeply?

What is another word for think deeply?

meditate ponder
consider contemplate
deliberate ruminate
study cogitate
weigh reflect