The feeling a person gets when they finish a series?

This experience is called post-series depression, and Urban Dictionary defines it well: “It is the sadness felt after reading or watching a really long series or story.

Why do I feel sad when I finish a series?

You’re invested in the characters and their plotlines, so when the story comes to an end, it’s normal to feel a little sad about not having that fictional escape anymore.

How do you feel better after finishing a show?

Once your favourite show ends, nothing else you watch is going to feel like it fills the void. Considering the sort of time investment that’s usually incurred with watching a show, it may be time to take a break from TV. Do other things; read books, play video games, see friends, focus on hobbies.

Can TV shows make you depressed?

A study in Preventative Science Reports found elevated depression levels when people spent more time on computers and watching TV. In fact, those who spent more than four hours each day staring at a screen were about twice as likely to have depression.

What is post show blues?

Post-show depression, also known as the “post-show blues”, often hits people like performers, directors, and anyone else who works in theatre. It makes sense- you put a lot of time and effort into a project, you experience a high during the show’s run, and then… It’s all over.

How do you emotionally detach from a TV show?

“If you watched something really powerful or riveting or filled with conflict, choose something lighter for your next show, like a comedy,” she says. “Look for a show that’s easier to emotionally digest, and that will give you some relief from negative feelings.”

What does binge watching mean?

Definition of binge-watch

transitive verb. : to watch many or all episodes of (a TV series) in rapid succession Even those of us who have bundled TV and broadband-Internet subscriptions from telephone or cable companies increasingly use them to binge-watch Netflix shows like Orange Is the New Black on an iPad …

How do you deal with post depression music?

How to Deal With Post-Show Depression

  1. Get together with your former cast mates. Let’s face it – separation anxiety is a real thing! …
  2. Get familiar with a new show. …
  3. Focus on something you have been neglecting. …
  4. Try meditation. …
  5. Talk about it. …
  6. Take care of yourself. …
  7. Go to someone else’s show. …
  8. Check out a theatre podcast.

What is post concert depression?

Before live shows were put on pause, concert-goers frequently used the expression “post-concert depression” (PCD) to describe the melancholy experienced after the thrill of a concert. “Pre-pandemic shows had such an energy,” Emma DellaVecchia, a 24-year-old UF alumna and frequent High Dive attendee said.