Research operationalizing so-called strategic thinking?

What does operationalizing strategy mean?

The Operationalization of the strategy describes the interface between the formulation of the strategy and its implementation. It is based on the overall concept, strategic goals, and the essential question about the purpose as well as the financial and regulatory framework.

What is operationalizing in research?

Operationalization means turning abstract concepts into measurable observations. Although some concepts, like height or age, are easily measured, others, like spirituality or anxiety, are not. Through operationalization, you can systematically collect data on processes and phenomena that aren’t directly observable.

What is another word for operationalize?

lay, operate, initiate, materialize, implementation, launch, apply, Applying, translate, kick-start, execute, integrate, introduce, establish, Establishing, enact, fulfill, pursue, reactivate, realise, energize, practise, exploit, trigger, materialise, impose.

How do you operationalize strategy?

6 Steps to Operationalize a Nonprofit Strategic Plan

  1. Create the Strategy. Start with the broad goals and objectives of your strategic plan. …
  2. Create Annual Milestones. …
  3. Create a Year One Operational Plan. …
  4. Monitor Monthly at Staff Level. …
  5. Monitor Regularly at Board Level. …
  6. Adjust Accordingly.

What does operationalizing mean in business?

The definition of operationalize is to put into operation or use. So what does it mean to “operationalize” your strategic plan? It means you have made the plan a living, valuable part of the way you operate your organization.

What happens during operationalization?

Operationalization can be defined as the process of turning abstract concepts into measurable observations. It involves defining how a concept can be measured, observed, or manipulated. Using operationalization, researchers can systematically collect and evaluate phenomena that can’t be observed directly.

What are operationalizing variables?

Operationalizing Variables

Operational variables (or operationalizing definitions) refer to how you will define and measure a specific variable as it is used in your study. This enables another psychologist to replicate your research and is essential in establishing reliability (achieving consistency in the results).

What is the goal in operationalizing a definition?

What is the goal in operationalizing a definition? – to enable another researcher to replicate the study.

What is operationalization in qualitative research?

What is operationalization in qualitative research? Operationalization is a process by which researchers set up indicators to measure concepts. Moreover, evaluators set indicators that help in measuring any changes in concepts.

What is operationalization in quantitative research?

Operationalization is the process by which researchers conducting quantitative research spell out precisely how a concept will be measured. It involves identifying the specific research procedures we will use to gather data about our concepts.

What is operationalization in research PDF?

The operationalization or measurement is the process through which the researcher attempts to convert the various dimensions of a concept into directly measurable entities.

What is the role of operationalization in theory building?

Operationalization and application mean to derive testable and actionable hypotheses based on theory by reasoning or inquiry. Operationalization and application also serve as ways to evaluate, assess, and refine theories building the intellectual foundation of a field.

What is the main distinction between measurement and operationalization?

What is the main distinction between measurement and operationalization? Reliability is measuring what you think you are measuring. Conceptualization is the process by which we specify precisely what we mean when we use particular terms.

What does conceptualizing mean?

If you have an idea for something, or if you understand something fully, you conceptualize it. You might conceptualize the plan for a big party, but find it hard to conceptualize exactly how the big bang worked. In conceptualize, you see the word concept which means an idea.

What is conceptualizing research?

Conceptualization is the process in which the researchers identify key concepts used in the research and provide a unified explanation of those concepts so that both the research team and the audience is on the same page.

What is the importance of conceptualizing an event?

Increases potential for successful outcomes of event by identifying and understanding who is really apart of the event (key stakeholders) and any related processes involved.

What is another word for conceptualise?

In this page you can discover 13 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for conceptualize, like: form a concept of, actualize, imagine, conceptualise, explicate, objectify, actualise, develop a thought, conceive, reify and visualize mentally.

How do you conceptualize a research topic?

A useful step in conceptualising your research is to define the problem that your research seeks to solve.
Defining the problem

  1. What is known about your research topic?
  2. What specific questions, if answered, would extend your area of research?
  3. What could your research add to what is known, and why is this important?

What is conceptualize in psychology?

n. the process of forming concepts, particularly those of an abstract nature, out of experience or learned material.

What does it mean to conceptualize a problem?

Problem conceptualization is defined as the process which begins after recognition that a problem exists and culminates in a conceptual model of the problem. Subjects were presented with a case situation and asked to define the problem.

How do you conceptualise?

Conceptualization involves writing out clear, concise definitions for our key concepts. Sticking with the previously mentioned example of masculinity, think about what comes to mind when you read that term.

How is a research problem conceptualized?

Conceptualization is the process of not only selecting a topic, but formulating a defensible and researchable research problem; it is more than simply generating a list of interesting topics such as academic achievement gaps or homelessness.