Research on Distribution of Enneagram Types in a Given Profession?

How common is each Enneagram type?

Which Enneagram Type Is Most Common?

Study % of Population % of Females 16.2% 17%
Truity 13% 14%

Do psychologists use Enneagram?

Since then, many psychiatrists and psychologists have utilized the Enneagram in their own working theories of personality and in the practice of psychotherapy.

Is Enneagram backed by research?

The Enneagram is a typology system that describes human personality as a number of interconnected personality types. While it has become popular within spirituality and business disciplines, there has been limited research on its use and it is not widely accepted in the field of evidence-based psychology.

Do companies use Enneagram?

Many different companies have also used the Enneagram test to help improve their workplace relations. According to CNN, a study done in 2011 showed that about 72 different companies used Enneagram personality tests for their employees. Some of these companies included: Toyota, Best Buy, Avon, and many others.

Which Enneagram is the rarest?

Type 8

According to an Enneagram Population Distribution study, the rarest Enneagram is Type 8: The Challenger. Next comes the Investigator (Type 5), followed by the Helper (Type 2). The most common is the Peacemaker (Type 9).

What is the most desirable Enneagram type?

Type One is most known as the rational and idealistic type. They can be described as principled, purposeful, self-controlled, and perfectionistic.

Is Enneagram a pseudoscience?

Though the Enneagram integrates concepts generally accepted in a theory of personality, it has been dismissed by some personality assessment experts as pseudoscience.

Is Myers Briggs accurate?

The Myers-Briggs provides inconsistent, inaccurate results

But the problem with that idea is the fact that the test is notoriously inconsistent. Research has found that as many as 50 percent of people arrive at a different result the second time they take a test, even if it’s just five weeks later.

What do the wings mean in Enneagram?

Essentially, a wing represents another part of your personality that you identify with that works in harmony with your Type. So, if you are an Enneagram Seven with an Eight-wing, you likely primarily demonstrate the tendencies of an Enneagram Seven, but your behaviors may also lean toward an Enneagram Eight.

How do I become a certified Enneagram teacher?

In order to apply to become an IEA Accredited Enneagram School, the sponsoring IEA Accredited Professional must complete and submit the IEA Accredited Enneagram School Application along with the IEA Accredited Training Program Application for each program meeting the requirements of an IEA Accredited Training Program.

How do you use an Enneagram in the workplace?

By describing nine ways of seeing the world, the Enneagram can help your team:

  1. Identify the strengths and challenges of nine personality styles in the workplace.
  2. Build rapport, reduce conflict and cooperate at higher levels of effectiveness.
  3. Welcome diversity and maximize each person’s highest contribution.

Why Enneagram are so important and how does it affect the organizational culture?

The Enneagram is a catalyst for organizational development at individual, team and organizational levels. Enneagram-based insight has the ability to reflect deep motivators and change behaviours, giving it great power in the context of a complex adaptive system such as a team or organization.

Why is the Enneagram important?

The Enneagram, in that regard, can help us figure out why certain things trigger us, understand that we all react disproportionately to different dynamics or emotions, and why that is. “It helps us identify our reactive behaviors in stress, and also gives us a choice.

How do you use Enneagram for growth?

Here are five steps to help you use the Enneagram for lasting growth and freedom.

  1. Make Peace With Your Number. Many people feel resistant to their Type when they first discover it. …
  2. Identify the Areas Where You Want to Grow. …
  3. Surrender Your Journey to the Lord. …
  4. Put Your Knowledge Into Practice. …
  5. Give Yourself Grace.

How accurate is the Enneagram test?

“Studies concluded the instrument as scientifically ‘valid and reliable’ as a test instrument with ‘solid psychometrics. ‘ The internal consistency reliability scores show that the RHETI ranges from 56 [percent] to 82 [percent] accurate on various types; with an overall accuracy of 72 [percent].

Are Enneagrams scientific?

But while the enneagram test is used across an array of contexts, ranging from human services to some academic communities, it’s generally agreed that there’s a lack of rigorous scientific research on its application.

Can you be two Enneagram types?

Myth: You can have more than one Enneagram number

When first learning about the Enneagram, you may find yourself identifying with more than one number. This is entirely normal.

What is the difference between 2w1 and 2w3?

The biggest difference between the 2w1 vs 2w3 is the 2w1’s core desire is to help individuals and they are called “The Servant” versus, if you’re a 2w3, you care more about serving mass groups of people and being seen as an amazing host, hence the 2w3s name “The Host/Hostess”.

What is an Enneagram subtype?

Enneagram subtypes. Also known as instinctual subtypes or instinctual variants, Enneagram subtypes are a combination of your core type and your instinct (aka how you’re wired to survive). People have three basic instincts or life forces within them which affect their actions, thoughts, and feelings.

Where do Enneagram 2s go in stress?

When moving in their Direction of Disintegration (stress), needy Twos suddenly become aggressive and dominating at Eight. However, when moving in their Direction of Integration (growth), prideful, self-deceptive Twos become more self-nurturing and emotionally aware, like healthy Fours.

Which Enneagram is anxious?

for Enneagram Type Sixes. Remember that there is nothing unusual about being anxious since everyone is anxious and much more often than you might think.

What are the wings for Enneagram 2?

Enneagram 2 Wings

Common careers for this type include counselor, veterinarian, nurse and school psychologist.

How do you do Enneagram type 4?

How You Can Help a Type 4 Self Develop and Fulfill Their Relationships

  1. Encourage your Four to not be overrun by feelings, and to appreciate what is positive in the present moment.
  2. Encourage your Four to stabilize their attention and to “fill in the middle” by valuing the ordinary.

Are Enneagram 4 narcissists?

Because of their autopilot tendencies of self-referencing and being anchored internally, Fours are often considered to be selfish and narcissistic.

What makes an Enneagram 4 angry?

The Enneagram Four – Being Forced to Conform

They may have an outburst, but it’s not especially common. This is usually followed by a period of guilt, sadness, and a sense of being totally misunderstood. As the quintessential individualists, Fours hate nothing more than being forced into a role that doesn’t fit them.