Personal Vision Mission workshop in Amsterdam Nov 18th 2018

With my colleague of the Being-centered Leadership team, I gave this workshop last Sunday in Amsterdam. Thanks to all the participants for making this event a very rich learning experience!


To be able to navigate the complexities of our life and work, we need to have clarity of our intentions, constant focus on what is important and a and a plan to action. The purpose of the workshop is to create a personal vision and mission statement that will help you realize your potential, find purpose in life and work as well as align your life with your deepest values.

During this interactive workshop, you will 

  • Discover your own personal vision and how it aligns with your authentic self through self-reflection and creative exercises.
  • Identify your “important others” and the challenges you face in meeting their expectations.
  • Formulate your personal vision and mission statement and see how it can serve you as a compass when facing major decisions.
  • Implement both in your everyday life through a visualization and positive affirmation process.

For whom?

This full-day workshop is meant for professionals who would like to find more meaning in life and work, redefine their career path and also for entrepreneurs who want to make sure that their organizational vision is true to their individual vision.

For any questions, you can contact the Being-centered Leadership team at:, or via our website:

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