Necessary possibility?

Possibility and necessity are related. Something is possible if its failing to occur is not necessary; if something is necessary, its failure to occur is not possible.

What does it mean for something to be metaphysically possible?

Metaphysical possibility ought to mean a possibility of existence, nearly a potentiality; but the phrase does not seem to be used in that sense, but rather in the sense of possibility by supernatural power.

What is the modality possibility?

Modality: Modality is the study of possibility and necessity. These concepts are intuitive enough. Possibility: Some things could have been different. For instance, I could have been a truck driver. Britain could have won the Revolutionary War.

What is Nomological possibility?

Nomological possibility is possibility under the actual laws of nature. Most philosophers since David Hume have held that the laws of nature are metaphysically contingent–that there could have been different natural laws than the ones that actually obtain.

What is natural possibility?

Natural Possibility. This is in a way the primary kind of real pos. sibility, yet I am unable to define it adequately. A thing is naturally possible if and only if nothing. that already is or has been actual is incompatible with the actuality of that thing.

What is the necessity of existence?

ontological argument
This hinges upon “necessary existence,” a property with even higher value than “existence.” A being that necessarily exists cannot coherently be thought not to exist. And so God, as the unsurpassably perfect being, must have necessary existence—and therefore must exist.

What is Nomological necessity?

Nomological necessity is necessity according to the laws of physics and logical necessity is necessity according to the laws of logic, while metaphysical necessities are necessary in the sense that the world could not possibly have been otherwise.

Is metaphysical possibility the same as logical possibility?

To summarize, metaphysical possibility is a really existing, intrinsic principle that exists outside of our minds, making some activity possible. Logical possibility, on the other hand, is the conception in a human mind of something that does not imply a contradiction, but does not have real existence outside the mind.

What does physical mean in philosophy?

In philosophy, physicalism is the metaphysical thesis that “everything is physical“, that there is “nothing over and above” the physical, or that everything supervenes on the physical.

What are the three types of necessity?

It is argued that there are three fundamental forms of necessity — the metaphysical, the natural and the normative — and that none of these are reducible to the others or to any other form of necessity.

What is causal necessity?

One notion, causal necessity, is in the spirit of Hume’s second definition. Necessity deals with causal relationships in which the object or event distinguished as a cause is taken to render its effect possible; thus, it is closely connected to Lewis’s influential analysis of cause as counterfactual necessity.

What is necessity and contingency?

Quick Reference. A necessary truth is one that could not have been otherwise. It would have been true under all circumstances. A contingent truth is one that is true, but could have been false.

What is difference between contingency and possibility?

Possibility – This is referring to a possible outcome of a specific action – there might be several possible outcomes. Contingency – This is what happens if a possibility turns out to be real.

What is a necessary truth example?

A necessary truth is one that could not have been false, one that would have been true no matter how things had turned out. As Leibniz put it, a necessary truth is one that is “true in all possible worlds.” Plausible examples include “17 is prime,” “If Moore is a bachelor, he is unmarried,” and so on.

What is a necessary proposition?

necessary proposition was a proposition which it is necessary for us. men to believe, or for some of us to believe. A proposition could. be necessary for us to believe because it had not occurred to us to. doubt it, or because it -seemed to us obviously true, or because.

What is necessary modal proposition?

necessity, in logic and metaphysics, a modal property of a true proposition whereby it is not possible for the proposition to be false and of a false proposition whereby it is not possible for the proposition to be true.

What is logically necessary mean?

When something is logically necessary, it is true by definition. These can also be called analytic truths. If we can prove that something is true because “it could not be otherwise,” then it is logically necessary. The statement is true with an absolute degree of certainty.