Myer Brigg type for Ni > Ti > Fi > Se?

6. Introverted Intuition (Ni) I once heard introverted intuition described as “knowing without knowing how,” as well as “thinking without thinking.” It’s the most mystical of all the MBTI functions.6. Introverted Intuition (Ni) I once heard introverted intuition described as “knowing without knowing how,” as well as “thinking without thinking.” It’s the most mystical of all the MBTI functionsMBTI functionsThe four basic functions were thinking, feeling, intuition, and sensation. The concept of introversion and extraversion were also conceived by Jung and were used in conjunction with the four functions.

What MBTI uses NI?

Ni-dominant personality types (INTJs and INFJs) have advanced insight and awareness of patterns and underlying meanings. They can quickly understand complex or abstract concepts, but may have a harder time remembering concrete, sensory details (as Si-dominant types would).

Do you use SI or SE NI?

According to type theory, Extraverted Intuition (Ne) is always paired with its functional opposite, Introverted Sensing (Si) in the functional stack, while Extraverted Sensing (Se) is always coupled with Introverted Intuition (Ni). NPs and SJs sport the Ne-Si pairing, while SPs and NJs utilize the Se-Ni pairing.

Is Infp Ni or NE?

Moreover, type theory informs us that all “NP” types (i.e., ENFP, ENTP, INFP, INTP) use Ne, and “NJ” types (i.e., INFJ, INTJ, ENFJ, ENTJ) Ni, as either their dominant or auxiliary function.

What is Ni type?

Introverted Intuition (Ni), Vision, & Beauty

They often think by way of images rather than words. Their intuitions often manifest in the form of symbols, images, dreams, or patterns. This is consistent with Jung’s characterization of the Ni type as a dreamer, artist, or seer.

How does NI look in a person?

People whose dominant function is Introverted Intuiting (Ni) usually experience the world as such: You are used to having insights and hunches that frequently turn out to be correct. These “aha” moments are introverted intuiting at work.

What is NI Infj?

Introverted Intuition (Ni), the INFJ’s dominant function, is a perceiving function. It doesn’t make decisions or act in the outer world. Ni perceives numerous perspectives and ideas from a bird’s eye view of the world.

What is Ni and Ne?

Introverted Intuition (Ni) and Extroverted Intuition (Ne) are Perceiving functions that enable us to take in the information around us. It is not the role of the Perceiving functions to use that information to make decisions (that’s up to the Judging functions) but to simply absorb and observe it.

What is Ni Fe ti se?

Ni = introverted intuition. Fe = extraverted feeling. Ti = introverted thinking. Se = extraverted sensing. It’s a little counterintuitive because the word we place first goes second in the abbreviation, and “intuition” is represented by its second letter, N.

How do I know if I have TI or TE?

To put it simply, Te (Extroverted Thinking) is objective and Ti (Introverted Thinking) is subjective. Te is concerned with what works and what is objectively repeatable, provable, and traceable in the external world.

How do I know if I have NI?

11 Signs of An Introverted Intuitive

  1. When you speak, people listen. Introverts are comfortable with silence. …
  2. You have great instincts. …
  3. You are focused on the future. …
  4. You are a great innovator. …
  5. You can avoid mistakes. …
  6. You are not swayed by power. …
  7. You accept different perspectives. …
  8. You are extremely creative.

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How do I know if I’m Ni Dom?

Telltale Signs that You are a Ni-dom User

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  2. A constant, intense focus on how decisions today will influence outcomes tomorrow.
  3. Ability to innately extrapolate and digest a project/directions/input without much outside direction.

What are NI doms like?

Ni doms are usually intense, and INTJs especially need to observe situations for a long time before taking action, they wait until the bigger picture becomes more clear, and that’s why they are labelled as “procrastinators” or “lazy” when in reality INTJs prove to be hard-working, tenacious and ambitious.

How do INTJs use NI?

INTJs will also use their Ni to manipulate the situation in such a way that other people cannot affect the outcome. No matter what the other person does, INTJs will try to ensure that the desired result is always met. They’ll frame a situation such that either result or answer gives them what they want.

How does Ni Fe work?

Fe is an external function, but for an NiFe, it impacts their inner world by drawing their focus to real life people and situations. Fe causes the Ni to ponder real life people, questions, and events in an imaginative way. They typically prefer to focus on people and projects that serve people.

Do I have fi or fe?

Extraverted Feelers (Fe) and introverted Feelers (Fi). Here’s the basic difference: Fi weighs inner life and feeling before considering the outward repercussions, whereas Fe tends to make decisions based the outward environment and how their feelings will affect their physical world.

Is ENFJ Fi or Fe?

The INFJ is built on a base of Fi similar to the way in psychoanalytic theory that the ego is built on the id. The dominant function would be analogical to the ego in this example.

Is ENFJ Ni or NE?

ENFJs dominant function is their extraverted feeling (Fe) and their auxiliary or second function is their introverted intuition (Ni).

How does NI work in ENFJ?

Ni is our auxiliary function. We use it to process the majority of what we take in from our Fe. ENFJ’s try to catalogue human behavior with our Ni for the most part. We want to understand how other people will react to us so we analyze our experiences with various groups or people and try to form a complete picture.

How do ENFJs use se?

ENFJs experience Se as a way to stay in touch with what’s physically going on around them. They can easily grasp the immediate context of what’s happening and they enjoy physical experiences and recreation. At times using Se can feel uncomfortable for them, it can make them feel distracted or impulsive.

Am I an ENFJ or INFJ?

ENFJs have a way of drawing attention and people to them because they are just so warm and friendly. They focus a lot on other people and people like to be around them. INFJs, on the other hand, tend to be withdrawn, private, and inner-focused. Yes, we can be warm and friendly too.


The jovial ENFJ and the sensitive INFJ might make an unlikely pair. However, the two have more in common than you might think. Compassion, mutual interests in people and humanitarian efforts, and a shared desire to have meaningful heart-to-hearts are what they are all about.

Is INFJ similar to ENFJ?

INFJs and ENFJs are both Intuitive, Feeling, Judging personalities, meaning they tend to process emotionally, focus their attention on the bigger picture, and follow set plans. However, INFJs tend to prefer to spend time alone or in small groups, while ENFJs thrive in larger group settings.

Can INFJ be mistaken for ENFJ?

ENFJs are the extroverted type most likely to be mistaken for INFJs. These two types share the same functions, but ENFJs lead with Fe and have Ni as their co-pilot.

Are INFJs extroverted?

INFJs are sometimes called the “extroverted introverts” or even ambiverts. They get this nickname because they can be passionate, enthusiastic, and talkative when in the presence of someone they feel comfortable with.

Why do INFJs seem extroverted?

They understand the emotions of others naturally, and this often draws them towards people. When they witness someone in pain or in need, it is often the INFJs goal to help them and make things better. While they are introverted, this quality of empathy and compassion can cause them to seem much more extroverted.