Leading from the Heart: How to Instill a Vision of Excellency in Employee Service

  • What kind of organizational context encourages customer service orientation? 
  • What kind of skills do employees need to develop in order to be more customer service oriented?
  • What does “leading from the heart” have to do with it?

If you find these questions intriguing…

Then this workshop is for you!


Customer service orientation is a competitive differentiator, esp. for organizations where sales and marketing are more important than the product specifics. Research has shown that service-orientation increases company sales. Providing service is not just a task. It is much more: it encompasses our intention to understand our customers’ needs and do our best to satisfy these needs or even predict them in some cases. “Leading from the heart” or tapping into our inner source, will aid us to genuinely appreciate our customers’ needs; to do “what it takes” and not just “what we have to do” in order to satisfy them; to value the importance of being of service. Excellency in customer service demands from the employee to have a genuine interest to serve the customer, to cooperate with co-workers in order to respond to customer needs quickly and share the same vision of excellency in service. The purpose of this workshop is to explore the kind of leadership that acts as enabler and offer tools to instill a vision of excellency in employee service.

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