Is there a word used for abstract space constructs?

What is the meaning of abstract space?

a space whose elements are not geometric points, especially a function space.

What is the synonym of abstraction?

In this page you can discover 58 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for abstraction, like: pondering, awareness, generalisation, alertness, concept, notion, generality, abstract entity, abstractedness, generalization and abstract.

What is the meaning of abstract and construct?

1 having no reference to material objects or specific examples; not concrete. 2 not applied or practical; theoretical. 3 hard to understand; recondite; abstruse. 4 denoting art characterized by geometric, formalized, or otherwise nonrepresentational qualities.

What is the fallacy of reification?

Reification (also known as concretism, hypostatization, or the fallacy of misplaced concreteness) is a fallacy of ambiguity, when an abstraction (abstract belief or hypothetical construct) is treated as if it were a concrete real event or physical entity.

Is space an abstract noun?

Using abstract nouns correctly

Emotions – love, hate, sorrow, happiness, embarrassment, jealousy, glee. Ideas – justice, truth, liberty, dogma. Movements – progress, leisure, relaxation. Quantities – time, space, value.

What does Lefebvre mean by abstract space?

For Lefebvre, abstract space both contains and obstructs the possibility of a differential space, which would draw on the remnants of absolute and historical spaces, and on the contradictions that abstract space itself produces, accentuating differences in contrast to the homogeneity of abstraction, while …

What is the meaning of abstract in project?

An abstract is an outline/brief summary of your paper and your whole project. It should have an intro, body and conclusion. It is a well-developed paragraph, should be exact in wording, and must be understandable to a wide audience.

What is abstractness?

Definitions of abstractness. the quality of being considered apart from a specific instance or object. Antonyms: concreteness. the quality of being concrete (not abstract) type of: immateriality, incorporeality.

What is the noun form of abstract?

Abstract is most frequently used as an adjective (“abstract ideas”) and a noun (“an abstract of the article”), but its somewhat less common use as a verb in English helps to clarify its Latin roots.

What is the noun of space?

noun. /speɪs/ empty area. [uncountable] an amount of an area or of a place that is empty or that is available for use synonym room floor/office/shelf, etc. space We must make good use of the available space.

What type of noun is space?

The word ”space” is a common noun. It is non-specific and, thus, should not be capitalized.

What is intelligent abstract noun?


The abstract noun of intelligent is ”Intelligence”.

What is abstract noun of humble?

Answer: abstract noun of humble is humility but some English speakers write it as humbleness instead…

What is the abstract noun of lazy?


The abstract noun of lazy is ‘laziness‘.

What is difference between concrete noun and abstract noun?

A concrete noun refers to a physical object in the real world, such as a dog, a ball, or an ice cream cone. An abstract noun refers to an idea or concept that does not exist in the real world and cannot be touched, like freedom, sadness, or permission.

What is the difference between concrete and abstract thinking?

Concrete thinking refers to the thinking on the surface whereas abstract thinking is related to thinking in depth. Concrete thinking does not have any depth. It just refers to thinking in the periphery. On the other hand, abstract thinking goes under the surface.

Is love a concrete or abstract noun?

Remember, abstract nouns identify something immaterial and abstract, which means we cannot see, taste, hear, touch, or smell it. For example, the word love is an abstract noun.

What is an example of an abstract word?

Examples of abstract terms include love, success, freedom, good, moral, democracy, and any – ism (chauvinism, Communism, feminism, racism, sexism).

What is abstract and concrete words?

Abstract words refer to intangible qualities, ideas, and concepts. These words indicate things we know only through our intellect, like “truth,” “honor,” “kindness,” and “grace.” Concrete words refer to tangible, qualities or characteristics, things we know through our senses.

What is a concrete word?

A concrete word is a word that refers to a specific, tangible item. Concrete words clearly identify and define. Abstract words are general and not specific.

What are 5 examples of abstract noun?

Examples of abstract nouns include liberty, anger, freedom, love, generosity, charity, and democracy. Notice that these nouns express ideas, concepts, or qualities that cannot be seen or experienced. We cannot see, hear, touch, taste, or smell these concepts.

What are 20 abstract nouns?

20 Abstract Noun List in English

  • Adoration.
  • Anger.
  • Comfort.
  • Death.
  • Dream.
  • Goal.
  • Hope.
  • Joy.

What are 10 abstract nouns?

10 Examples of Abstract Noun

  • Anger.
  • Charity.
  • Deceit.
  • Evil.
  • Idea.
  • Hope.
  • Luck.
  • Patience.