Is there a specific name for the emotion I’m feeling?

What is it called when you feel one emotion?

Psychiatry. Alexithymia is a personality trait characterized by the subclinical inability to identify and describe emotions experienced by oneself.

What is it called when you don’t know what emotion your feeling?

The clinical term for this experience is alexithymia and is defined as the inability to recognize emotions and their subtleties and textures [1]. Alexithymia throws a monkey wrench into a person’s ability to know their own self-experience or understand the intricacies of what others feel and think.

What are all the emotion names?

This theory claims that there are eight basic emotions: Fear. Sadness.
Discrete emotion theory

  • Interest.
  • Joy.
  • Surprise.
  • Sadness.
  • Anger.
  • Disgust.
  • Contempt.
  • Self-hostility.

Why can’t I tell what I’m feeling?

Alexithymia is not a condition in its own right, but rather an inability to identify and describe emotions. People with alexithymia have difficulties recognizing and communicating their own emotions, and they also struggle to recognize and respond to emotions in others.

What is Alexithymics?

Alexithymia is a subclinical phenomenon involving a lack of emotional awareness or, more specifically, difficulty in identifying and describing feelings and in distinguishing feelings from the bodily sensations of emotional arousal (Nemiah et al., 1976).

What causes anosognosia?

What Causes It? Experts think anosognosia results from damage to an area of the brain involved in self-reflection. Everyone, regardless of their health status, is constantly updating their mental image of themselves.

What is the opposite of alexithymia?

The opposite of alexithymia is emotional literacy. Again, with some people, emotional literacy develops naturally. With others, it does not. However, it can be learned and developed.

What makes a person apathetic?

Apathy is when you lack motivation to do anything or just don’t care about what’s going on around you. Apathy can be a symptom of mental health problems, Parkinson’s disease, or Alzheimer’s disease. It often lasts a long time. You may lack the desire to do anything that involves thinking or your emotions.

What is Avolition schizophrenia?

“Avolition” is a term used to describe the lack of motivation or ability to do tasks or activities that have an end goal, such as paying bills or attending a school function. Avolition occurs most commonly in schizophrenia, depression, and bipolar disorder.

Why do I feel like I don’t care anymore?

What Causes People to Stop Caring? Feeling as if you don’t care about anything anymore may be related to anhedonia or apathy. Anhedonia is a mental state in which people have an inability to feel pleasure. It is often a symptom of mental health conditions such as depression, bipolar disorder, and substance use.

Is hate opposite of love?

Love and hate — they aren’t opposites, and it’s not a zero sum game where the more of one means the less of the other. Both feelings can stir, as they inevitably do.

Can love exist without hate?

Love and hate can exist without the other just fine. However, one can also enhance the other. You can love chocolate. Like really love chocolate and even long for it.

What’s the strongest word for hate?


Abhor is from Latin abhorrere — “to shrink back in horror.” It is the strongest way in English to express hatred, even stronger than loathe.

What is D opposite of opposite?

The opposite of opposite is, absolutely, opposite. You know why? It’s because of anything is always an opposite. If we were to think about this in terms of vocabulary, that is, the opposite of the word “opposite”. the answer would be words like “same”, and “equal”.

What is the opposite of I Love You?

Love is having strong emotions and wanting someone. In a sense hate is your opposite because it means having strong emotions but not wanting someone. If you want the opposites rolled into one word I would go with ambivalent which conveys someone you may love and hate.

What is the opposite of 64?

What is the opposite of 64? Answer: 64 may be the opposite of -64.

What is the opposite of 8?

Opposite of a number means its additive inverse, which means the number added to its additive inverse would be zero. Thus opposite of 8 is -8.

What is oppositely?

1. One that is opposite or contrary to another. 2.

What is the opposite of 1 2?

The opposite reciprocal of 1/2 is -2/1, which can also be written as -2.

What is the opposite of 1?

The opposite (also known as the additive inverse) is the number we have to add to get an answer equal to the additive identity, 0 . Since 1+(−1)=(−1)+1=0 , the opposite of 1 is −1 .

What’s the opposite of 10?

The opposite of 10 is -10.

Is there opposite of zero?

All positive numbers have their opposite as the same number with a negative value. And, negative numbers like -1, -2, -3, -4 their opposite will be 1, 2, 3, 4 placed left from 0. All negative numbers have their opposite as the same numbers with positive value. Hence, the opposite of zero is itself.

What is the opposite reciprocal of 5?

The opposite reciprocal of 5 is -1/5.

What is the opposite of 47?

-47. Step-by-step explanation: The answer is -47.

What is the opposite of 2 3?

The reciprocal of 2/3 is 3/2.