Is the Stanford Prison Experiment considered valuable by modern psychologists?

Why is the Stanford Prison Experiment important to psychology?

Significance. The Stanford Prison Experiment has become one of psychology’s most dramatic illustrations of how good people can be transformed into perpetrators of evil, and healthy people can begin to experience pathological reactions – traceable to situational forces.

Why is Zimbardo’s experiment influential today?

While Zimbardo’s best-known experiment took place decades ago, its impact is still felt on psychology today. The images of torture and prisoner abuse that emerged from the Iraq prison known as Abu Ghraib echoed the notorious events that took place in Zimbardo’s infamous experiment.

What important lessons about human psychology are taught to us by the Stanford Prison Experiment?

According to Zimbardo and his colleagues, the Stanford Prison Experiment revealed how people will readily conform to the social roles they are expected to play, especially if the roles are as strongly stereotyped as those of the prison guards.