Is logic relative like Einstein’s Special Relativity or is it absolute?

We are aware of logic broadly since Aristotle 2,500 years ago and we still cannot produce a correct formal model of it, so improving on it would be not for any time soon. So, logic is not absolute. It is contingent on life, or perhaps only on the kind of physics our universe has.

What is relative logic?

The Relative Logic is a nonclassic logic. It is a fundamental building block for realizing intelligence in machines. It is probabilistic, temporal, circumstantial, and context-dependent. It generalizes the classic two-valued logic, the classic multi-valued logic, and the fuzzy logic.

Is space absolute in Special relativity?

Space is not absolute in General Relativity and Special Relativity which bring forward the concept of relativity of simultaneity as a consequence of the limited speed of light, it is the simplest interpretation.

Is logic relative or absolute?

We are aware of logic broadly since Aristotle 2,500 years ago and we still cannot produce a correct formal model of it, so improving on it would be not for any time soon. So, logic is not absolute. It is contingent on life, or perhaps only on the kind of physics our universe has.

What is absolute identity?

Sometimes numerical identity within Leibniz’s Law is. called “absolute identity,” especially to differentiate it from “relative. identity.” But this terminological coinage is questionable because. “absolute” means “without relation,” and Leibniz’s Law rests on the. relation between numerical and qualitative identity.

Is the universe absolute or relative?

All motion in the universe is relative to that background. Back to Maxwell. Since the speed of light was a constant in the vacuum, and the vacuum was filled with aether (as the thinking went back then), then the aether must be in the universal reference frame.

Is speed of light absolute or relative?

The speed of light is constant relative to everything. What Newton – and later, Einstein – showed was that there is no underlying reference frame; all motion is relative. Light differs only in that everyone perceives light to have the same relative speed; 299,792,458m/s in a vacuum.

Did Einstein believe in absolute space?

Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity, published in 1905, abandoned the concept of absolute space. In absolute space, any two observers would always measure the same stretch of space as having the same length.

Is general relativity wrong?

General relativity is wrong. GR is based upon a toy model of spacetime as an abstract Riemannian geometry which does not model nature’s foundation of Euclidean space and time permeated by energy carrying immutable point charges.

Who said everything relative?

A century ago, Albert Einstein taught us: everything is relative. The way you see the world depends on your point of view and context.

Is motion absolute or relative?


We can say that all rests in this universe are relative and all motions are relative. No motions are absolute or absolutely at rest.

Why absolute motion is not possible?

Motion in Straight Line

Absolute rest and absolute motion is not possible because there is no point in the universe which is at rest and can be taken as point of reference. The planet Earth is in continuous motion.

Is motion relative or absolute according to Newton?

Newton defined the true motion of a body to be its motion through absolute space. Those who, before or shortly after Newton, rejected the reality of space, did not necessarily deny that there is a fact of the matter as to the state of true motion of any given body.

How can we say motion is relative not an absolute?

Answer: motion is relative term because it depends on the observer is not absolute because a body in motion according to an object can be called at rest with the viewing of another object hence motion is not absolute but relative to surrounding chosen.

Is there any absolute motion?

A body cannot exist at a state of absolute rest or absolute motion. For example, two persons sitting in a moving bus are at rest w.r.t each other but are in motion w.r.t. a person standing on the roadside.

Are motion and rest relative or absolute justify?

question_answer Answers(3) Answer: Rest and motion are the relative terms because they depend on the observer’s frame of reference.

Is all movement relative?

significance in motion

All motions are relative to some frame of reference. Saying that a body is at rest, which means that it is not in motion, merely means that it is being described with respect to a frame of reference that is moving together with the body.

Is time relative in space?

A person in a superfast rocket will measure time to be moving slower and the lengths of objects to be shorter compared with a person traveling at a much slower speed. That’s because space and time are relative — they depend on an observer’s speed.

Why is spin not relative?

Spinning isn’t relative. Phil Arnold said: In an expanding universe, there would be a limit on the velocity of the outermost stars – otherwise they would eventually break relativistic laws ( they could not exceed light speed).

Why isnt the speed of light relative?

According to Special Relativity, as a frame goes faster, it shortens more in the direction of motion, relative to the stationary observer. In the limit that it travels at exactly the speed of light, it contracts down to zero length. In other words, there is no valid reference frame at exactly the speed of light.

Does time stop in a black hole?

Time does stop at the event horizon of a black hole, but only as seen by someone outside the black hole. This is because any physical signal will get infinitely redshifted at the event horizon, thus never reaching the outside observer. Someone falling into a black hole, however, would not see time stop.

Is infinite speed possible?

Since speed is distance traveled over time taken it is not possible to have an infinite speed. The time taken in this case is zero.

Is light infinite?

Nope! Light is a self-perpetuating electromagnetic wave; the strength of the wave can get weaker with the distance it travels, but as long as nothing absorbs it, it will keep on propagating forever.

Is time Travelling possible?

Yes, time travel is indeed a real thing. But it’s not quite what you’ve probably seen in the movies. Under certain conditions, it is possible to experience time passing at a different rate than 1 second per second. And there are important reasons why we need to understand this real-world form of time travel.

How fast is the speed of dark?

Strictly speaking, dark is simply the absence of light, and thus has no speed at all, according to noted astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Can light be destroyed?

6. Photons are easily created and destroyed. Unlike matter, all sorts of things can make or destroy photons. If you’re reading this on a computer screen, the backlight is making photons that travel to your eye, where they are absorbed—and destroyed.

What is the purest form of energy?


Light, having no mass, could then be regarded as pure energy. The energy is conserved in the form of momentum. When a photon strikes an atom it gains energy, nothing else and the photon ceases to exist.

Can electrons be created?

An electron can never be created on its own. Or it takes its charge from other particles, or a positron is created at the same time. Likewise, an electron can’t be destroyed without another equally, but oppositely, charged particle being created. When the electron is isolated, it can never be destroyed.