How to learn to read Guattari & Deleuze?

Is anti Oedipus hard to read?

“Anti-Oedipus” is famous in its difficulty, even for the most erudite reader. The seminal work by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari lobbied an unrelenting assault on psychoanalysis and remains one of the key texts for anyone learning critical theory.

What Deleuze should I read first?

I would start with Deleuze’s book, Spinoza: Practical Philosophy, because it expresses Deleuze’s ethos, his affirmation, his love. You should know what a philosopher loves (Plato would tell you that), and this little book is a love letter from one philosopher to another.

Is it hard to read Deleuze?

with Gilles Deleuze. Reading is difficult, if for no other reason than that the text is always already dead in some substantial way, opaque to the reader to some degree. Even if one had the author to explain the text, there is no guarantee the author understands their own text, let alone what it means.

Is Deleuze a nonsense?

The Deleuzian understanding of nonsense considers that there is a “surface level” of nonsense which creates innocent, childlike preoccupations with contradictions (represented by Lewis Carroll), and the inner space of nonsense which deals with strong and violent contradictions (represented by Antonin Artaud).

What is anti Oedipus complex?

Anti-Oedipus analyses the relationship of desire to reality and to capitalist society in particular; it addresses questions of human psychology, economics, society, and history.

What is the Oedipus complex?

Oedipus complex, in psychoanalytic theory, a desire for sexual involvement with the parent of the opposite sex and a concomitant sense of rivalry with the parent of the same sex; a crucial stage in the normal developmental process.

What should I read to understand Deleuze?

In particular, consider reading Lautman, Ruyer and Simondon; these are critical sources for Deleuze, and will make many of his subtleties more clear (Nietzsche and Spinoza can also help here too.)

Why is reading so difficult?

Children who have difficulty with attention often have difficulty with reading comprehension. Students with an attention disorder (such as Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder) have trouble focusing on the material and frequently become distracted, leading to poor comprehension.

Why is Deleuze important?

Deleuze is a key figure in postmodern French philosophy. Considering himself an empiricist and a vitalist, his body of work, which rests upon concepts such as multiplicity, constructivism, difference, and desire, stands at a substantial remove from the main traditions of 20th century Continental thought.

Was Deleuze schizophrenic?

Friedrich Nietzsche’s ideas of the will to power and eternal recurrence also have roles in how Deleuze and Guattari describe schizophrenia; the book extends from much of Deleuze’s prior thinking in Difference and Repetition and The Logic of Sense that utilized Nietzsche’s ideas to explore a radical conception of …

Was Deleuze a Marxist?

Gilles Deleuze, in an often-cited interview with Antonio Negri, says that both he and Félix Guattari are Marxists.

Is Deleuze postmodern?

lieve, that Deleuze is not only a postmodern philosopher but also one whose work enriches and enlarges our conception of postmodernity. ern in that he is a post-Enlightenment, post-Hegelian philosopher.

Was Nietzsche a postmodernist?

Friedrich Nietzsche is generally considered the precursor of postmodern philosophy (Erickson 2001: 84), the basis of which are: Antichrist (rejection of all attachment to God) and a call for a re-evaluation of all values, a negation of conventional metaphysics, an insistence on perspectivism, a rejection of …

What is philosophy Deleuze and Guattari?

Deleuze and Guattari differentiate between philosophy, science, and the arts, seeing as means of confronting chaos, and challenge the common view that philosophy is an extension of logic. The authors also discuss the similarities and distinctions between creative and philosophical writing.

What is concept according to Deleuze and Guattari?

As Deleuze and Guattari say in What is Philosophy?, the concept posits itself and its object at one and the same time; the concept, in short, is self-referential.

What is Rhizomatic thinking?

Rhizomatic learning is a way of thinking about learning based on ideas described by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari in a thousand plateaus. A rhizome, sometimes called a creeping rootstalk, is a stem of a plant that sends out roots and shoots as it spreads.

Is Deleuze a materialist?

Deleuze is generally regarded as a materialist, but what type of materialism does his thought express? Many believe that its definitive philosophical position stems from his work on Spinoza, which advances a mechanistic materialism of efficient causality.

What do Deleuze and Guattari mean by schizophrenia?

For Deleuze and Guattari, the schizophrenic is a zero-intensity body without organs (BwO); whereas the schizo’s body is a surface on which to record the flows of desire. Similarly, society has its own BwO, on which the flows of capital are inscribed.

What did Deleuze say about schizophrenia?

37, 51, 139), Deleuze and Guattari believe that since the schizophrenic lives at the level of pure, unconstrained desire (i.e., forces of production), his experience has revolutionary potential, while desire in a “normal” or “socialized” individual is subjugated to the established order (e.g., Deleuze & Guattari, 2000, …

What is the paranoiac machine?

First paranoia. “This is the real meaning of the paranoiac machine: the desiring-machines attempt to break into the body without organs, and the body without organs repels them, since it experiences them as an over-all persecution apparatus” (p. 9).