How much overlap should I expect between Medline and PsycINFO?

Are Medline and PsycINFO the same?

Although PsycINFO has some overlap with MEDLINE, it also provides access to unique articles. PsycINFO indexes a larger proportion (73%) of leading psychiatry journals than does MEDLINE (47%) [13].

Is APA PsycINFO a good database?

This database is the world’s largest resource devoted to peer-reviewed literature in behavioral science and mental health. Produced by the American Psychological Association, it is an indispensable tool for the discovery of global scholarly research.

What is Medline database good for?

MEDLINE is a great resource for medical research because it is authoritative, peer-reviewed, and complete (as much as possible, anyway). MEDLINE is authoritative because it permits you to see who exactly conducted the research, who wrote the results, and even where the research was conducted.

What is PsycINFO database used for?

PsycINFO® is one of the most frequently used online psychological search services as it not only offers extensive access to articles but also provides search options and parameters that narrow results to those that are most relevant.

What happens to MeSH terms in PsycInfo?

PsycInfo records include MeSH terms if the document has also been indexed by PubMed (this accounts for approximately 35% of PsycInfo records), but MeSH terms are not mapped to APA Thesaurus terms or vice versa. A MeSH term in a PsycInfo record is hyperlinked to PubMed, therefore selecting it triggers a PubMed search.

Is Ovid MEDLINE free?

Ovid is pleased to provide an attached list of free journals indexed in Medline and the accompanying targets that should be activated in Links@Ovid or LinkSolver. The list is attached at the end of this article. Customer Support is happy to assist with ensuring all free full text is turned on in the linking tool.

How often is PsycINFO updated?


Format coverage Journal articles, books, dissertations
Temporal coverage 1887–present
Geospatial coverage Worldwide
Update frequency Weekly

What is the best psychology database?

The following databases are the best sources of research information within the discipline of Psychology.

  • Medline via Ovid (1946 – present) …
  • Scopus. …
  • Web of Science Core Collections. …
  • Business Source Ultimate via Ebsco. …
  • ABI/Inform Collection via Proquest (1971 – present)

What does APA PsycINFO stand for?

American Psychological Association

© 2022 American Psychological Association.

How do I access PsycINFO database?

How do I get access to APA PsycInfo? You may have access to APA PsycInfo through your library or institution. Please ask your librarian or check your institution’s web site. Individuals can purchase access to APA databases through annual subscriptions or on-demand access.

How much does PsycINFO cost?

2022 APA PsycNet Subscription Pricing

APA PsycNet Gold APA PsycNet Gold Plus
Student Affiliates $139 $189
International Affiliates $299 $399
Teacher Affiliates $139 $189
Non-Member Individuals $499 $599

How do you use PsycINFO?

Searching with Keywords

  1. Start by typing your word(s) or phrase(s) into the search box. …
  2. You can choose how PsycINFO will search for your term(s). …
  3. Type in your keywords with your preferred search field option and click the Search button:
  4. Your search line will then be listed in the Search History:

How do I access the Medline database?

Abstract. The Medline database from the National Library of Medicine (NLM) contains more than 12 million bibliographic citations from over 4,600 international biomedical journals. One of the interfaces for searching Medline is PubMed, provided by the NLM for free access via the Internet (

How do you use PsycINFO Ovid?

Easy it's simply a table with a column for each of the concepts. Involved in your search its advantages are the structure and content of your search is clearly visible.

When reviewing search results in PsycINFO you can further limit or narrow your search by?

You can further narrow your results from the search results screen using the options on the left-hand column.

Which limiter should you use in PsycINFO to search for literature reviews?

8. Document Type: This limiter allows you to choose a type of document, such as books, book reviews, or abstracts. 9.

How do I export PsycINFO to EndNote?

You can export references directly into EndNote.

  1. Click Add to folder to select records to export.
  2. Click Folder at the top of the screen.
  3. Mark individual items to export or select all.
  4. Click Export on the right.
  5. Select Direct Export to EndNote and click Save.

Which of the following best describes the Thesaurus of psychological Index Terms?

Which of the following best describes the Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms? It lists all the standard terms that are used to index abstracts.

What is PsycINFO Thesaurus?

The PsycINFO Thesaurus, or the Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms, is a list of controlled vocabulary terms. These terms function as authoritative subject classifications for psychological concepts.

How do you find PsycINFO MeSH terms?

To start searching in PsycINFO, type your first keyword into the search box. Make sure the​ ‘Map Term to Subject Heading’​box is checked – this will tell the database to automatically search for a matching MeSH term to use. The next page contains a list of subject headings.

What is PsycINFO quizlet?

What is PSYCinfo? A research database that is a collection of what use to be a hard bound set of volumes – came out every 6 months. – every abstract from every article that was published in psychology journals collected in one place.

Which of the following is a problem presented by the availability heuristic?

Which of the following is a problem presented by the availability heuristic? We do not examine all of the evidence, only what we can quickly think of. example of ___. information?

Which aspect of the peer review cycle allows for the greatest amount of honesty in reviews Group of answer choices?

Which aspect of the peer-review cycle allows for the greatest amount of honesty in reviews? translational research.

How does the peer review process work?

Peer review is the system used to assess the quality of a manuscript before it is published. Independent researchers in the relevant research area assess submitted manuscripts for originality, validity and significance to help editors determine whether a manuscript should be published in their journal.

What is peer review in testing?

Peer review or testing is a way of evaluating work performed by a co-worker. In software development, it stands for cross-checking the code written by developers. The developers need to be at par with each other.