How inaccurate is Bertrand Russell’s History of Western Philosophy?

The history of Western Philosophy although it could become a great book is full with Russel´s personal biases (Or possibly the biases of the people who hired him to write the book ) . Therefore philosophically speaking is very inaccurate .

Is History of Western Philosophy worth reading?

Originally published in 1945, The History of Western Philosophy is Russell’s brilliant, if slightly biased, look back at all prominent thinkers that came before him. It’s a very accessible and enjoyable read.

Who is the rightful father of Western philosophy?

Thales Of Miletus

Thales of Miletus was a Greek philosopher and one of the seven sages of antiquity. Aristotle considered him to be the first philosopher and his philosophical predecessor.

What is the best history of Western philosophy?

A History of Western Philosophy is a 1945 book by the philosopher Bertrand Russell.

What Bertrand Russell said about philosophy?

He believed the same was true of philosophy. Russell held that the ultimate objective of both science and philosophy was to understand reality, not simply to make predictions. Russell’s work contributed to philosophy of science’s development into a separate branch of philosophy.

Who is the first noted philosopher in Western history?

Thales of Miletus

The first recognized philosopher, Thales of Miletus (born c. 625 BCE in Ionia) identified water as the arche (claiming “all is water”). His use of observation and reason to derive this conclusion is the reason for distinguishing him as the first philosopher.

What is the main principles of Western philosophy?

The modern western philosophy has not only critical about orthodox religion but also came with ideals of secularism, humanism, scientific temperament, progress and development. Skepticism, rationality, individualism and scientific methods are influenced the human conception in understanding the world.

Did Western philosophy originated from Africa?

Western Philosophy originated from Africa, specifically, in ancient Egypt.

What branch of philosophy contemplates right and wrong?

Moral philosophy is the branch of philosophy that contemplates what is right and wrong. It explores the nature of morality and examines how people should live their lives in relation to others.

Who was the first philosopher according to history?


Abstract. The first philosopher is usually said to have been Thales.

Who is considered the greatest philosopher of all time?

Top 10 Philosophers

  • Aristotle. Aristotle, one of the most famous Greek philosophers, was also a polymath who lived in Ancient Greece in 384-322 BC. …
  • Lao-Tzu. …
  • John Locke. …
  • Karl Marx. …
  • Confucius. …
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson. …
  • Immanuel Kant. …
  • Epicurus.

Who is a true philosopher?

The true philosopher (or “lover of wisdom”) is one who loves “the truth in each thing”, as opposed to those who only love the things themselves. This is a reference to Plato’s belief that all particular things are only shadows of eternal Forms.