How do we call a statement that is unthinkable for any person to not be the case?

What does the phrase absolutely unthinkable means?

If you say that something is unthinkable, you are emphasizing that it cannot possibly be accepted or imagined as a possibility.

What is the synonym of unthinkable?

Synonyms: incredible, unbelievable. beyond belief or understanding. impossible. not capable of occurring or being accomplished or dealt with. impossible, inconceivable, out of the question, unimaginable.

What is the sentence of unthinkable?

Unthinkable sentence example. The relation between cause and effect is unthinkable . Life without Princess Mary, little as he seemed to value her, was unthinkable to him. His father’s most trusted advisor had done the unthinkable , and yet, Ne’Rin had borne all the sacrifices that A’Ran had by coming with him.

What is unprecedented example?

never having happened or existed in the past: This century has witnessed environmental destruction on an unprecedented scale. More examples. She took the unprecedented step of revealing the truth about the situation. Such an event was unprecedented in the 20th century.

What is an unimaginable definition?

Definition of unimaginable
: not imaginable or comprehensible unimaginable horror.

Whats the meaning of untethered?

transitive verb. : to free from or as if from a tether.

What is a mind boggling?

Definition of mind-boggling
: mentally or emotionally exciting or overwhelming.

What do you mean by likelihood?

the chance that something will happen

Definition of likelihood
: the chance that something will happen : probability There’s very little likelihood of that happening.

What is the synonym for unimaginable?

Words related to unimaginable
extraordinary, fantastic, impossible, improbable, incomprehensible, inconceivable, incredible, indescribable, rare, singular, unbelievable, uncommon, unheard-of, unique, unthinkable, doubtful, exceptional, incogitable, ineffable, unknowable.

What is the definition for unchain?

Definition of unchain
transitive verb. : to free by or as if by removing a chain : set loose unchain workers from their desks. Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About unchain.

What does it mean to make someone cringe?

Cringey refers to someone or something that causes you to feel awkward, uncomfortable, or embarrassed—that makes you cringe.

What is a smarmy person?

Definition of smarmy
1 : revealing or marked by a smug, ingratiating, or false earnestness a tone of smarmy self-satisfaction — New Yorker. 2 : of low sleazy taste or quality smarmy eroticism.

Is Cringer a word?

cringer n. A person who cringes or shies away.

Is cringe a slang word?

Full of awkwardness. An adjective describing something at which you might cringe. For example, if there is someone who is very awkward hard to carry on a conversation with, and you’re trying to talk to them, your friend my say, I saw you trying to talk to John. Cringey.