How do I symbolise this statement with a definite description in first order logic?

How do you translate a sentence into first order logic?

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What is definite description according to Russell?

Definite descriptions

Take as an example of a definite description the sentence “the current Emperor of Kentucky is gray”. Russell analyses this phrase into the following component parts (with ‘x’ and ‘y’ representing variables): there is an x such that x is an emperor of Kentucky.

What is first order logic with example?

Definition A first-order predicate logic sentence G over S is a tautology if F |= G holds for every S-structure F. Examples of tautologies (a) ∀x.P(x) → ∃x.P(x); (b) ∀x.P(x) → P(c); (c) P(c) → ∃x.P(x); (d) ∀x(P(x) ↔ ¬¬P(x)); (e) ∀x(¬(P1(x) ∧ P2(x)) ↔ (¬P1(x) ∨ ¬P2(x))).

Are definite descriptions referring expressions?

On the Fregean analysis, definite descriptions are construed as referring expressions rather than quantificational expressions. Existence and uniqueness are understood as a presupposition of a sentence containing a definite description, rather than part of the content asserted by such a sentence.

How do I translate English to logic?

So if you have the sentence dogs aren't people you'd symbolize this as not d because all of your propositions should be in the affirmative. And then you use the negation to represent that not.

Which of the following symbols in AI are logical symbols?

Explanation: The five logical symbols are negation, conjunction, disjunction, implication and biconditional.

What is a first order statement?

First-order logic is symbolized reasoning in which each sentence, or statement, is broken down into a subject and a predicate. The predicate modifies or defines the properties of the subject. In first-order logic, a predicate can only refer to a single subject.

What is first order sentence?

A formula in first-order logic with no free variable occurrences is called a first-order sentence. These are the formulas that will have well-defined truth values under an interpretation. For example, whether a formula such as Phil(x) is true must depend on what x represents.

How do you represent a statement in logic?

1. Sentence-Letters and Constants. In sentential logic, it’s standard to symbolize particular declarative sentences, i.e. statements,with capital Roman letters, for example: A: ‘I apologize for tipping over your motorcycles.

How do you create a symbolic statement in logic?

In symbolic logic, a sign such as V connects two statements to form a third statement. For example, V replaces the word “or” and Λ replaces the word “and.” The following is a list of the symbols commonly encountered: p, q, r,… “implies and is implied by” or “….if and only if…”

What is symbolic logic examples?

Symbolic logic example: Propositions: If all mammals feed their babies milk from the mother (A). If all cats feed their babies mother’s milk (B). All cats are mammals(C).

How will you represent facts in propositional logic with an example?

In propositional logic, we use symbolic variables to represent the logic, and we can use any symbol for a representing a proposition, such A, B, C, P, Q, R, etc.


  • a) It is Sunday.
  • b) The Sun rises from West (False proposition)
  • c) 3+3= 7(False proposition)
  • d) 5 is a prime number.

How many proposition symbols are there in AI?

two Proposition symbols

1 Answer. There are two Proposition symbols that are used in Artificial Intelligence.

How do you represent all dogs have tails?

How do you represent “All dogs have tails”? Explanation: We represent the statement in mathematical logic taking ‘x ‘as Dog and which has tail. We cannot represent two variable x, y for the same object Dog that has tail. The symbol “۷ “represent all.

What is state space in Artificial Intelligence Mcq?

A state space is the total space available for the agent in the state.

What is strong AI Mcq?

Strong AI is

the embodiment of human intellectual capabilities within a computer.

What is Artificial Intelligence putting your intelligence into computer?

Explanation: Artificial Intelligence is a branch of Computer science, which aims to create intelligent machines so that machine can think intelligently in the same manner as a human does.

How do machine learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies help businesses Brainly?

How do Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologiehelp businesses use their enterprise data effectively? They curate data quickly for multiple business scenarios. They collate the content of qualitative data (like text and images). They allow technologies to operate without data.

Is robotics a science?

Robotics is an interdisciplinary sector of science and engineering dedicated to the design, construction and use of mechanical robots.