How can I make a speller with BCI?

What is a BCI speller?

Brain-computer interface (BCI) spellers allow severe motor-disabled patients to communicate using their brain activity without muscular mobility. Different visual configurations of the widely studied P300-based BCI speller had been assessed with healthy and motor-disabled users.

How does P300 speller work?

P300 speller is a communication tool with which one can input texts or commands to a computer by thought. The amplitude of the P300 evoked potential is inversely proportional to the probability of infrequent or task-related stimulus.

What is speller system?

Brain-computer interface (BCI) speller is a system that provides an alternative communication for the disable people. The brain wave is translated into machine command through a BCI speller which can be used as a communication medium for the patients to express their thought without any motor movement.

What is a speller used for?

These speller systems are usually a graphical representation of letters, numbers, and symbols which are controlled using different BCI types for spelling and typing. Audio output can also be included by modern speech synthesis/voice recognition systems.

Why is P300 important?

In addition, the P300 latency was longer in patients with the five main types of epileptic seizures than in controls. The P300 is one of the most important ERP components that is used to evaluate cognitive function, such as attention, working memory, and concentration (12, 45).

What is P300 signal?

The P300 wave is a positive deflection in the human event-related potential. It is most commonly elicited in an “oddball” paradigm when a subject detects an occasional “target” stimulus in a regular train of standard stimuli.

What is BCI P300?

A P300 brain-computer interface (BCI) is a paradigm, where text characters are decoded from event-related potentials (ERPs). In a popular implementation, called P300 speller, a subject looks at a display where characters are flashing and selects one character by attending to it.