Global Mindset: A Tool for Effective Global Leadership

  • How can leaders manage across cultural boundaries?
  • How can leaders lead with the complexity that stems from globalization of operations and markets?

If you find these questions intriguing, join Eleftheria Egel and myself in the interesting workshop

A Global Mindset is the disposition to see the world from the perspective of “Being” rather than “having” or “doing”. The cultivation of a Global Mindset is essential for effective leadership in today’s chaotic, global work environment. It enables leaders to set boundaries, understand the underlying rationale behind socio-political events and establish guidelines on how to lead. Leaders who have cultivated a Global Mindset are agile and have the ability to influence diverse people in numerous, compound ways. The purpose of this workshop is to give participants the models, methods and tools for the cultivation of a Global Mindset.


During this interactive workshop, you will…

  • Evaluate your global leadership capacity
  • Reflect on how your mindset influences your leadership capability
  • Improve your agility to function effectively in a complex environment
  • Excel in your performance in increasingly complex leadership roles and in fostering meaningful collaborative networks in a VUCA world
  • Apply successfully the lessons learned in the workshop in your team and your company.

For whom?

For leaders of global organizations who function in complex environments and need to expand their cognitive understanding and agility to act.

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