Does wave-particle duality pose a challenge to ontology?

Is the wave function ontological?

The wave function of the Universe is supposed to be the whole physical ontology and it does not have any pointer moving from one world to another.

Why is wave-particle duality wrong?

Because, there is no “wave-particle duality” in nature. Some people believes that the wavefunctions used in some formulations of QM are real waves, but this is a mistake. A wave is a physical system which carries energy and momentum. A wavefunction is a mathematical function which cannot be observed.

What is the wave-particle duality and why is it significant?

Significance of Wave-Particle Duality

The major significance of the wave-particle duality is that all behavior of light and matter can be explained through the use of a differential equation which represents a wave function, generally in the form of the Schrodinger equation.

Does wave-particle duality apply to everything?

Everything exhibits wave-particle duality, everything from electrons to baseballs. The behavior of relatively large objects, like baseballs, is dominated by their particle nature; to explain the behavior of very small things like electrons, both the wave properties and particle properties have to be considered.

How the wave theory has more significance over particle theory?

According to particle theory: Light is composed of elementary particles which are known as ‘photons’ Some of the phenomena of light can be explained only if light is considered to be made up of waves whereas others can be explained only if light is thought to be made up of particles.

What is the wave-particle duality theory?

The Wave-Particle Duality theory states that waves can exhibit particle-like properties while particles can exhibit wave-like properties. This definition opposes classical mechanics or Newtonian Physics.

What is the significance of de Broglie’s wave equation?

where mv = p is the momentum of the particle. The above equation is called de Broglie equation and ‘λ’ is called de Broglie wavelength. Thus the significance of de Broglie equation lies in the fact that it relates the particle character with the wave character of matter.

Do you think the law of reflection supports the wave theory of the particle theory of light?

Both the particle and wave theories adequately explain reflection from a smooth surface. However, the particle theory also suggests that if the surface is very rough, the particles bounce away at a variety of angles, scattering the light. This theory fits very closely to experimental observation.

Why is wave theory of electromagnetic radiation not possible?

Wave theory of electromagnetic radiation is not able to explain the photoelectric effect because of frequency, intensity and time delay. Photon theory resolves this by explaining photoelectric effect in terms of photons.

Which phenomenon best supports the theory that matter has a wave nature?

electron diffraction

→Matter has wave nature is best explained by the phenomena of electron diffraction.

Which of the following phenomenon is best explained by the particle nature of matter?

D.) Photoelectric effect. Hint: Light can behave both as a wave and a particle. The particle nature of light means that in a certain phenomenon, the light behaves as a particle.

Which of the following phenomenon provides evidence for de Broglie’s hypothesis?

The double slit experiment, performed by English physicist and physician Thomas Young, proved the wave characteristic of light. Understand wave interference and learn about the setup, equation, and explanation of the double slit experiment. Learn about the de Broglie Hypothesis.

Which of the following phenomena will support wave nature of light?

Diffraction, interference, and polarization are some phenomena that can be explained by the wave nature of light.

Which phenomenon of light can not explained by particle nature?

Solution : (a) Interference is a phenomenon in which two waves of same frequency superpose to give resultant intensity different from sum of their separate intensity. So, it cannot exhibit particle’s nature of light.

Which phenomenon is best explained by the particle nature of light?

Photoelectric effect states that light travels in the form of bundles or packets of energy, called photons. This effect is explained on the basis of the quantum nature of light. So, it clearly explains the particle’s nature of light.

Which phenomenon Cannot be explained by wave nature of light?

The photoelectric effect does not explain the wave nature of light. The photoelectric effect can be explained using the particle nature of light. And interference, diffraction, and polarization are based on the wave nature of light.

Which of the following Cannot be explained by Wave theory?

So the photoelectric effect cannot be explained by Huygen’s theory.

Which of the phenomenon could not be explained considering only the wave nature of the light polarization interference diffraction Compton effect photoelectric effect?

Hence, the wave theory of light cannot explain the photoelectric and Compton effect. Therefore, the correct option is C: C and D.