Does philosophy have a dark side?

Darker Sides of Philosophy : 1. CAUSE OF OVERTHINKING. Overthinking on a Specific Topic Such as “ Existence of Evil and God ” , “ DUALISM and POLYTHEISM ” , etc are One of the Most Argued Topic in Philosophy.

What are the dangers of philosophy?

Philosophy can be (and perhaps at best is) dangerous because it forces people to question their fundamental beliefs about themselves, the universe, and their place in it. Such question is not something that most people care to undergo.

Who was the dark philosopher?

Arthur Schopenhauer is perhaps one of the most underappreciated philosophers of the nineteenth century, maybe ever.

Can a philosopher be wrong?

Sometimes philosophers are wrong and admitting that you could be wrong is a big part of being a real philosopher. While most philosophers make minor adjustments to their arguments to correct for mistakes, others make large shifts in their thinking.

What branch of philosophy is right and wrong?

Ethics is a branch of philosophy that deals with distinctions between right and wrong, with the moral consequences of human actions.

Are philosophers arrogant?

Historically, it is not easy to categorize philosophers in terms of arrogance, though some philosophers, like Socrates, stand out as stressing the importance of humility. Perhaps C.S. Pierce and William James are two 20th century cases.

Are philosophers mad?

That YES, all philosophers are mad. And often such arguers or claimants go on to point at a few of us as being mad often those of us in academia teaching and researching philosophy.