Does omnipotence entail omniscience?

If A is omnipotent, A can bring about anything that is logically possible. A’s being omniscient is logically possible. Therefore: If A is omnipotent, A can bring about his or her own omniscience.

Is God omnipotent omniscient and Omnibenevolent?

God is omnipotent, omnibenevolent and omniscient. P1c. An omnipotent being has the power to prevent that evil from coming into existence.

Is omniscience logically possible?

But the logic of our language does not show how such a statement, even if it happened to be untrue, could ever be self-contradictory. That implies knowing what is by definition unknown: the non- existence of unknown facts. Hence omniscience is impossible.

What is the difference between omnipotent and omnipotence?

Omnipotence is maximal power. Maximal greatness (or perfection) includes omnipotence. According to traditional Western theism, God is maximally great (or perfect), and therefore is omnipotent. Omnipotence seems puzzling, even paradoxical, to many philosophers.

What is beyond omnipotence?

Whether you call it omnipotence or whatever, EVERYTHING fails under God. God isn’t omnipotent. Since omnipotence is all power, God has something more than power, something beyond what we can comprehend, something beyond omnipotence.

What are the 4 divine attributes of God?

necessary existence (God exists, and could not fail to exist), aseity (God’s existence does not depend on anything else; God is uncaused), immutability (God does not change), and. eternal or everlasting existence (God exists at all times or outside of time).

What are the 4 Omni words?

These terms describe God’s attributes, or characteristics.

  • Omnipotence means God is all-powerful. This means God has supreme power and has no limitations.
  • Omniscience means God is all-knowing. This means God knows everything, including the past and future. …
  • Omnipresence means God is everywhere at the same time.

Is there anything above omnipotence?

The only power exists above the omnipotence is omnipotence itself. Omnipotence means “unlimited power”. Which means it has absolutely no limits. Nothing exists beyond the limitlessness but limitlessness itself.

Is omniscience a paradox?

Omnipotence is only one of the attributes of God which has been thought to lead to paradox; another is omniscience. Omniscience seems, at first glance, easy to define: for a being to be omniscient is for that being to know all the truths.

What is Metapotence?

Metapotence is Omnipotence based on the definition of ”A deity is able to do that it chooses to do” or “God can do the impossible and something contradictory.” It is the very act of accomplishing absolutely anything and everything no matter what.

What are the 8 attributes of God?

Each of them ascribes to God a pair of properties from the following list of divine attributes: (a) perfect, (b) immutable, (c) transcendent, (d) nonphysical, (e) omniscient, (f) omnipresent, (g) personal, (h) free, (i) all-loving, (j) all-just, (k) all-merciful, and (1) the creator of the universe.

What are the 6 attributes of God?

The Westminster Shorter Catechism’s definition of God is an enumeration of his attributes: “God is a Spirit, infinite, eternal, and unchangeable in his being, wisdom, power, holiness, justice, goodness, and truth.” This answer has been criticised, however, as having “nothing specifically Christian about it.” The

What are the 5 characteristics of God?


  • Omnipotence.
  • Omnipresence.
  • Omnibenevolence.
  • Omniscience.

What is God’s power called?

Omnipotence is the quality of having unlimited power. Monotheistic religions generally attribute omnipotence only to the deity of their faith.

What’s the word for God being all-knowing?


having complete or unlimited knowledge, awareness, or understanding; perceiving all things. an omniscient being. the Omniscient, God.

How do we know God is omniscient?

According to this definition, God can be omniscient without having the de se beliefs of others, and whether his knowledge changes over time depends, not on the mere fact of his omniscience, but on the further question of whether he has his beliefs at temporal indices.

What are the arguments to prove that God is omniscient?

Some thinkers also argue that God’s omniscience includes perfect foreknowledge. From eternity God has known all things that have come to pass and all things that are yet come to pass. He has ever known exactly what things would have come to pass if His immutable purpose had been different from what it is at any point.

What is an example of God being omniscient?

Omniscience. Christians believe this all-knowing power goes beyond what we can imagine as humans. God knows if someone loses a single hair, and knows people’s thoughts before they speak them.

Why do we consider as omnipresent omnipotent and omniscient?

It is universally accepted by mankind that omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient are characteristic features of that unknown power, God or divinity, that or who has manifested the world mankind lives in.