David Hume encouraged people to “burn” his works. Should we act like this? Why?

What did David Hume believe about humans?

philosopher David Hume maintained in A Treatise of Human Nature (1739) that the essential forms of association were by resemblance, by contiguity in time or place, and by cause and effect.

What were the main ideas of David Hume?

His emphasis is on altruism: the moral sentiments that he claims to find in human beings, he traces, for the most part, to a sentiment for and a sympathy with one’s fellows. It is human nature, he holds, to laugh with the laughing and to grieve with the grieved and to seek the good of others as well as one’s own.

What did Hume say should be committed to the flames?

Commit it then to the flames: for it can contain nothing but sophistry and illusion.”

What is Hume’s main conclusion?

Hume concludes that belief must be some sentiment or feeling aroused in us independently of our wills, which accompanies those ideas that constitute them. It is a particular way or manner of conceiving an idea that is generated by the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

What did David Hume believe about ideas quizlet?

Hume believes that all meaningful ideas come from what? All meaningful ideas come from sense impressions. 1. Nearly impossible to come up with an idea that isn’t from sense impressions.

How does Hume explain the self?

Hume suggests that the self is just a bundle of perceptions, like links in a chain. To look for a unifying self beyond those perceptions is like looking for a chain apart from the links that constitute it.

What is knowledge according to David Hume?

His doctrine of “transcendental idealism” held that all theoretical (i.e., scientific) knowledge is a mixture of what is given in sense experience and what is contributed by the mind. The contributions of the mind are necessary conditions for having any sense experience at all.

How does Hume define self?

To Hume, the self is “that to which our several impressions and ideas are supposed to have a reference… If any impression gives rise to the idea of self, that impression must continue invariably the same through the whole course of our lives, since self is supposed to exist after that manner.

Who is David Hume quizlet?

Who is David Hume? A Scottish skeptic, stands out in history for ideas for the fearless consistency of his reasoning. Hume attacked the argument from design and other attempts to demonstrate the existence of, or understand the nature of, God.

What does Hume think explains why we draw the connection between a cause and its effect quizlet?

Hume states, all reasonings concerning matters of fact seem to be founded on the relation of cause and effect. It is only via the relation of cause and effect that we can go beyond our memory and senses.

How does Hume explain the origin of our ideas quizlet?

Hume says that everything originates from impressions. We can reflect on our own mind’s operations and how intelligent and good we are, then think of the concepts of less and more. Combine those two to make the impression and origin of God: something completely intelligent and good.