Creating an Inclusive Diversity Culture. Is that possible?

Creating an Inclusive Diversity Culture. Is that possible?

  • Are Diversity & Inclusion issues a priority in your workplace?
  • Do you feel you are knowledgeable on the topic?
  • Are you able to deal with D&I issues in your daily practice?
  • Does your company apply effective tools to establish an inclusive culture?
  • Why do many Diversity & Inclusion programs fail to realize their potential?

If you find these questions intriguing…

Then this workshop is for you!


We all bring to the workplace our diverse perspectives, work experiences, life styles and cultures. When these differences are effectively managed, they positively impact organizational functioning, competitiveness and innovation. Management of diversity often focuses on inclusion– on the removal of obstacles to the full participation and contribution of employees in organizations. Research and practice have proven that this is not enough! In order to create an inclusive culture, a foundation of trust and mutual respect has to be cultivated in human relations in the organization. You will recognize such a culture as it allows its members to express themselves at ease and without fear of rejection. The purpose of this workshop is to explore and expand the landscape of the different D&I organizational programs, help the participants understand their current D&I mindset and offer them tools to improve their D&I programs.

During this interactive workshop, you will…

  • Explore why current programs of Diversity and Inclusion do not fulfill their potential
  • Explicate the needed qualities to create an inclusive organizational culture
  • Evaluate how our deeply-held beliefs and assumptions about D & I impact our individual behaviors in an organizational culture
  • Work on our diversity mindsets to open up to the other without preconceptions and misconceptions.
  • Do practical and fun exercises in “building bridges” with ourselves, other participants and ultimately different cultures.

For whom?

For executives and managerial teams -men and women- who lead employees and face D&I issues in their daily practice. For employees who are involved with setting D&I programs in their organizations.

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