Choice of reference/mid-slice during SPM slice-timing-correction?

What is slice timing correction?

Slice timing correction (STC) is the preprocessing step applied to correct for these slice-dependent delays, achieved by shifting the time series of each slice to temporally align all slices to a reference time-point.

How do I check my slice time?

One reliable way is to check the slice timing in the scanner console, or also in the DICOM if the private vendor field is available (see above) ·: if two values are the same in the slice timing, then your acquisition is multi-band.

What is slice timing in fMRI?

Most fMRI data are acquired using two-dimensional pulse sequences that acquire images one slice at a time, thus all slices are acquired at different time within a repeat time (TR).

What is motion correction?

Motion correction is performed by mapping each slice to an anatomic volume data set acquired in the same fMRI session to accommodate inter-slice head motion. Accuracy of the registration parameters was assessed by registration of simulated MR data of the known truth.

What is motion correction in cryo em?

Motion correction

The first step in processing cryo-EM data is to correct for the movement of particles that occurs when specimens are exposed to the electron beam. This phenomenon is referred to as ‘beam-induced motion’ and has been well characterized since direct detector technology was introduced to the field.

What is Mcflirt?

MCFLIRT is an intra-modal motion correction tool designed for use on fMRI time series and based on optimization and registration techniques used in FLIRT, a fully automated robust and accurate tool for linear (affine) inter- and inter-modal brain image registration.