Can the fine-tuning problem be finessed out of existence via the multi-verse?

What is an objection to the fine-tuning argument?

Abstact: A frequent objection to the fine-tuning argument has been that although certain necessary conditions for life were admittedly exceedingly improbable, still, the many possible alternative sets of conditions were all equally improbable, so that no special significance is to be attached to the realization of the …

What is the fine-tuning argument for the existence of God?

The Fine-Tuning Argument (FTA) is a recent variant of the Design Argu- ment (also known as the Teleological Argument) for the existence of God. The Fine-Tuning Argument grew out of discoveries prompted by the development of Big Bang cosmology in the twentieth century.

Is fine-tuning possible?

It’s as if there are a large number of dials that have to be tuned to within extremely narrow limits for life to be possible in our universe. It is extremely unlikely that this should happen by chance, but much more likely that this should happen, if there is such a person as God.

What is the fine-tuning problem?

A well-known topic within the philosophy of physics is the problem of fine-tuning: the fact that the universal constants seem to take non-arbitrary values in order for live to thrive in our Universe.

Does fine tuning need an explanation?

Contemporary physics has shown that the universe is fine-tuned for life i.e. of all the possible ways physical laws, initial conditions and constants of physics could have been configured, only an extremely small range is capable of supporting life.

What means fine tuning?

Definition of fine-tune

transitive verb. 1a : to adjust precisely so as to bring to the highest level of performance or effectiveness fine-tune a TV set fine-tune the format. b : to improve through minor alteration or revision fine-tune the temperature of the room.

What is environmental fine-tuning?

Manage alerts. An arrangement of matter may be said to be finely tuned to its environment if it is configured to interact with that environment in a way that is highly atypical for random rearrangements of its components.

What is the difference between transfer learning and fine-tuning?

Transfer learning is when a model developed for one task is reused to work on a second task. Fine-tuning is one approach to transfer learning where you change the model output to fit the new task and train only the output model.

What is the fine-tuning argument quizlet?

God is the most reasonable hypothesis? P1 The universe exhibits fine-tuning of a sort that makes it suitable for life. P2 If God exists, then it is highly likely that the universe would be fine-tuned for the existence of living organisms.

Why do some believe that the universe is fine tuned for life quizlet?

Why do some believe that the Universe is fine-tuned for life? Because many of the fundamental constants of nature, in a Universe where life emerged, are fine-tuned to the extent that if they were different by even a very small amount, life would not have emerged at all.

Can you give some examples of the fine tuning of the universe quizlet?

#6 Can you give some examples of the fine tuning of the universe? The force or gravity, the speed of light, charge of an electron, original conditions of the universe, electrical force binding atoms together, the cosmological constant (the amount of energy in an empty space). 2.

How old is the universe in hours?


Parameter TT + lowP TT, TE, EE + lowP
Age of the universe (Ga) 13.813±0.038 13.813±0.026
Hubble constant (km⁄Mpc⋅s) 67.31±0.96 67.27±0.66

What calculation will determine the fate of the universe?

The fate of the universe may be determined by its density. The preponderance of evidence to date, based on measurements of the rate of expansion and the mass density, favors a universe that will continue to expand indefinitely, resulting in the “Big Freeze” scenario below.

What are the two possibilities for the fate of the universe?

However, two possibile outcomes exist. The Universe will expand forever: If the mean density is less than the critical density, then there is insufficient mass within the universe to stop the expansion – the universe will expand forever. Ultimately, the galaxies will move increasingly further apart.

Can there be a multiverse?

Even though certain features of the universe seem to require the existence of a multiverse, nothing has been directly observed that suggests it actually exists.