Can Frege overcome Russell’s critique in “On denoting”?

What three puzzles does Russell claim his theory can solve?

2.2 The three puzzles of ‘On Denoting’

  • 1 The substitution of identicals.
  • 2 The law of the excluded middle.
  • 3 The problem of negative existentials.

What is denoting phrase according to Russell?

For Russell, a denoting phrase is a semantically complex expression that can serve as the grammatical subject of a sentence. Paradigm examples include both definite descriptions (“the shortest spy”) and indefinite descriptions (“some sophomore”).

What does Russell’s theory of definite descriptions try to solve?

Russell put forward his theory of descriptions to solve a number of problems in the philosophy of language. The two major problems are (1) co-referring expressions and (2) non-referring expressions. The problem of co-referring expressions originated primarily with Gottlob Frege as the problem of informative identities.

What was Bertrand Russell’s theory?

It was Russell’s belief that by using the new logic of his day, philosophers would be able to exhibit the underlying “logical form” of natural-language statements. A statement’s logical form, in turn, would help resolve various problems of reference associated with the ambiguity and vagueness of natural language.

Why was Bertrand imprisoned?

A later conviction for publicly lecturing against inviting the United States to enter the war on the United Kingdom’s side resulted in six months’ imprisonment in Brixton Prison (see Bertrand Russell’s political views) in 1918.

Is Frege a Descriptivist?

A version of descriptivism was formulated by Frege in reaction to problems with his original theory of meaning or reference (Bedeutung), which entailed that sentences with empty proper names cannot have a meaning.

What does Russell mean fact and particular?

According to Russell, a fact is a kind of complex, and depends for its existence on the simpler entities making it up. The simplest sort of complex, an atomic fact, was thought to consist either of a single individual exhibiting a simple quality, or of multiple individuals standing in a simple relation.

What are the two problems of mankind according to Russell?

Mankind, ever since there have been civilized communities have been confronted with problems of two different kinds On the one hand there has been the problem of mastering natural forces, of acquiring the knowledge and the skill required to produce tools and weapons and to encourage Nature in the production of useful

How do you avoid foolish opinion notes?

On Avoiding Foolish Opinions

  1. If the matter is one that can be settled by observation, make the observation yourself. …
  2. If an opinion contrary to your own makes you angry, that is a sign that you are subconsciously aware of having no good reason for thinking as you do.

What does the name Bertrand mean?

bright raven

A medieval French form of the given name Bertram, the Bertrand surname means “bright raven,” derived from the elements beraht, meaning “bright” or “intelligent” and hramn, meaning “raven.” Bertrando is the Italian version of the surname. Bertrand is the 17th most common last name in France.

Is Bertrand a male or female name?


The name Bertrand is boy’s name of German, French origin meaning “magnificent crow”. This name of famed philosopher, mathematician and Nobel laureate Bertrand Russell becomes slightly more plausible with the French pronunciation, bare-TRAHN. Another noted bearer is French director and screenwriter Bertrand Tavernier.

How do you pronounce the name Bertrand?

De change de change de change de change de change de change.

Is Bertrand French?

As of 2014, 56.3% of all known bearers of the surname Bertrand were residents of France (frequency 1:902), 13.4% of Canada (1:2,103), 12.5% of the United States (1:22,092), 6.2% of Belgium (1:1,416) and 4.1% of Haiti (1:1,991).

Is Bertrand equilibrium A Nash equilibrium?

In a Bertrand model of oligopoly, firms independently choose prices (not quantities) in order to maximize profits. This is accomplished by assuming that rivals’ prices are taken as given. The resulting equilibrium is a Nash equilibrium in prices, referred to as a Bertrand (Nash) equilibrium.

What language is Bertrand?

Bertrand (named after Bertrand Russell) is a computer programming language for creating constraint programming systems.