Are you familiar with a similar argument against the (nomological) supervenience of the mental on the physical?

What is the supervenience argument?

ABSTRACT. Jaegwon Kim’s “supervenience argument” purports to show that epiphenomenalism about the mental follows from premises that any nonreductive physicalist should find acceptable. Kim regards his argument as a reductio ad absurdum of nonreductive physicalism.

What does is mean that the mental supervenes on the physical?

To say that mental properties strongly supervene on physical properties is to say that. (SS) necessarily, for any mental property M, and any individual x that has M, there is a physical property (or set of physical properties) P, such that x has P, and necessarily, for any individual y, if y has P, then y has M.

What does Supervenience mean in philosophy?

supervenience, In philosophy, the asymmetrical relation of ontological dependence that holds between two generically different sets of properties (e.g., mental and physical properties) if and only if every change in an object’s properties belonging to the first set—the supervening properties—entails and is due to a

What is mind body Supervenience?

Supervenience is a fundamental concept for non-reductive physicalist theories of the mind (theories which hold that the physical level is the fundamental level of understanding, but which also hold that the mind cannot be reduced to the brain or any other physical level).

What is physical property philosophy?

Physicalism claims that all properties, include mental properties, ultimately reduce to, or supervene on, physical properties. Metaphysical idealism, by contrast, claims that “something mental (the mind, spirit, reason, will) is the ultimate foundation of all reality, or even exhaustive of reality.”

What is the synonym of supervene?

Some common synonyms of supervene are ensue, follow, and succeed. While all these words mean “to come after something or someone,” supervene suggests the following or beginning of something unforeseen or unpredictable.

How do you use Supervene in a sentence?

Supervene in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The train’s arrival will supervene because it had to stop for minor repairs therefore delaying its routine.
  2. Due to supervene of war, the soldiers’ usual life will soon be interrupted when they are deployed.

Which of the following is Kim’s principle of causal exclusion?

Here is Kim’s articulation of the principle: The Principle of Causal Exclusion: “No single event can have more than one sufficient cause occurring at any given time—unless it is a genuine case of causal overdetermination” (Kim, 2005, 42).

What is philosophical grounding?

The notion of grounding has been used to analyze the relation between truthmakers and truthbearers. The basic idea is that truthbearers (like beliefs, sentences or propositions) are not intrinsically true or false but that their truth depends on something else.

How are mental properties different from physical properties?

So according to property dualism there are different kinds of properties that pertain to the only kind of substance, the material substance: there are physical properties like having a certain color or shape, and there are mental properties like having certain beliefs, desires and perceptions.

Do mental states have physical properties?

Property dualists argue that mental states are irreducible attributes of brain states. For the property dualist, mental phenomena are non-physical properties of physical substances. Consciousness is perhaps the most widely recognized example of a non-physical property of physical substances.

Are mental states identical with physical states?

Mental states are not identical to brain states. Mental states can cause brain states, and vice versa. In general, there is a close correlation between mental states and brain states.

What is the meaning of supervening event?

A supervening event consists of facts that transpire after the judgment became final and executory, or of new circumstances that develop after the judgment attained finality, including matters that the parties were not aware of prior to or during the trial because such matters were not yet in existence at that time.

What is the meaning of the word abrade?

to rub or wear away

Definition of abrade
transitive verb. 1a : to rub or wear away especially by friction : erode. b : to irritate or roughen by rubbing.

What does Postliminary mean?

Definition of postliminary
1 or postliminiary \ ¦⸗lə̇¦minēˌerē \ : of, relating to, or involving the right of postliminium. 2 : done or carried on after something else or as a conclusion : subsequent —opposed to preliminary.

How do you use Postliminary in a sentence?

This distinction permits further classification of undercover efforts as postliminary or anticipatory. The time devoted to certain preliminary and postliminary activities, they claimed, was not taken into account in computing their compensation.

What is Subsequential?

(ˈsʌbsɪkwənt ) or subsequential (ˌsʌbsɪˈkwɛnʃəl ) adjective. occurring after; succeeding.

What is set of Subsequential limits?

In mathematics, a subsequential limit of a sequence is the limit of some subsequence. Every cluster point is a subsequential limit, but not conversely. In first-countable spaces, the two concepts coincide.

How do you spell Subsequential?

Subsequential – definition of subsequential by The Free Dictionary.