Are there any sources dealing with Clark’s *Without Evidence or Argument: A Defense of Reformed Epistemology*?

What is one of Clark’s arguments for belief without evidence?

In Kelly James Clark’s Article “Without Evidence or Argument”, Clark argues that belief in God, does not require the support of evidence or argument in order for it to be rational.

What does Reformed epistemology claim?

Reformed epistemology is a thesis about the rationality of religious belief. A central claim made by the reformed epistemologist is that religious belief can be rational without any appeal to evidence or argument.

What is the Great Pumpkin Objection?

The Return of the Great Pumpkin objection concerns whether or not Plantinga has successfully shown that Christian belief is intellectually acceptable. This is achieved by showing that Plantinga’s method for defending Christian belief can be mimicked by those with clearly unacceptable beliefs.

Is faith an epistemology?

Virtuous faith is central to a great deal of epistemology. A rational agent will manifest faith in their perceptual abilities, in determining which experts and testifiers to trust, in their a priori reasoning, and in the epistemic capacities that are specific to their social environment.

What does epistemological mean?

epistemology, the philosophical study of the nature, origin, and limits of human knowledge. The term is derived from the Greek epistēmē (“knowledge”) and logos (“reason”), and accordingly the field is sometimes referred to as the theory of knowledge.

What is the meaning of epistemology in philosophy?

the theory of knowledge

Epistemology is the theory of knowledge. It is concerned with the mind’s relation to reality.

What does epistemology mean in religion?

Biblical/Hebraic Epistemology as Covenantal. Covenant epistemology may be defined as a way of knowing that connects truth with life, that is, it recognizes that the purpose of the acquisition of knowledge is to engender obedience to the covenant that binds God and His people.

Can you summarize the epistemology of new spirituality?

What is the epistemology of New Spirituality? The only way New Spiritualists believe we can really “know” is by going beyond the appearances of the material and getting in touch with consciousness as experienced by our higher selves. Truth is learned by experience, not by scientific knowledge.

What are the 5 arguments for the existence of God?

Aquinas’ Five Ways argued from the unmoved mover, first cause, necessary being, argument from degree, and the teleological argument.

Can religious belief be justified?

Evidentialism implies that full religious belief is justified only if there is conclusive evidence for it. It follows that if the arguments for there being a God, including any arguments from religious experience, are at best probable ones, no one would be justified in having a full belief that there is a God.

What is Catholic epistemology?

Epistemology: A Catholic appreciation of how we know and the experience of knowing in learning and teaching. Home. Epistemology: A Catholic appreciation of how we know and the experience of knowing in learning and teaching.

Why is it rational to believe in God?

Since it is rational to try to be moral, it is rational to believe that there is moral order in the universe, and Christian doctrine is, in part, an account of there being a moral order in the universe. So, accepting Christian theism is more rational than accepting that there’s no moral order in the universe.