Personal Development

Personal Development 

Goodman Coaching provides personal development to mid-career managers and professionals. To support them navigate changes in the context of challenging international business environments.

Companies are currently under growing pressure, complexity and competitiveness. In this context, employees are expected to work harder. Information overload is also an increasing challenge.

Particularly at the higher levels of the hierarchy, managers need to find ways of adjusting to the new demands, without compromising, losing one’s focus or suffering from a burnout.

Vanessa Prins facilitates personal development through dialogue and self-reflection. She is committed to support her clients to grow and develop.

Vanessa Prins uses an eclectic approach in her work. To support people in gaining more insight and to develop new competenties. She integrates different  theories, such as cognitive theories and models of adult development. Coaching thus provides  a framework for people to orient themselves. And provide answers to questions like: Where am I in my career/life? Where do I need to go?

As a creative person, Vanessa Prins also integrates in her work “non-rational’ approaches.  Such as creativity, mindfulness meditation and visualizations.

Important personal development themes are:

  • Accomplishing smooth career transitions.  When relocating to a new country, after a promotion, or a reorganization;
  • Identifying one’s strength’s  using Personality profiles such jungian types;
  • Developmental aspects: Where am I in my life, and where do I need to go?
  • Creative techniques;
  • Improving communication;
  • Developing and implementing new behavior;
  • Female leadership;
  • Maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

Feel free to Contact  us for an introduction or any other inquiry.

Vanessa Prins offers  Coaching in Amsterdam, the Hague and Utrecht. She also serves clients internationally (via Skype)

Feel free to Contact  her or call +31 (0) 6 124 174 64 for a free online introductory call or for any other inquiry.


Being a part of leadership training program, I had a privilege to work with Vanessa as a coachee for almost a year. I highly recommend her as a coach. Great listener, calm and considerate in her coaching style, she has a rare skill of asking powerful and thought-provoking questions that really make you find answers in yourself.

D FrolovN-Trans Manager, Moscow

Vanessa has an excellent quality for a coacher: listener! She can adjust her method accordingly, as the customer’s needs reveal along the process. This guarantees good results and satisfaction.

Marco FraihaBusiness Development at Nutreco

I highly recommend Vanessa as Coach, she is great bringing structure and focus!

Danielle BeltranGlobal Head Brand Analytics en Philips | Big Data & Analytics