Career Counseling

Career Counseling

Goodman Coaching  provides Career Counseling for mid-career international clients working in the management of international companies and other professionals.

Vanessa Prins is the owner of Goodman Coaching. As a valued partner for individuals who are facing transitions in their career, her long experience as a psychologist gives Vanessa understanding in the complexities human nature. She supports her clients in navigating change in the context of challenging international business environment.

Career coaching will guide you if:

  •  you want to clarify your next step in your career;
  •  you have moved to a new country and want to explore new options;
  • you  are feeling dissatisfied at work or feeling stuck in your career.

Vanessa Prins will help you clarify your current work situation and what you would really want to do.

What do we offer?

Vanessa Prins offers a unique approach which is a combination of reflection exercises, in depth conversations and the use of imagination/images. The focus is on helping you clarify what you really need in your work in order to thrive. Together we will explore which changes are needed. These might include managing your work differently, a job change within your current organization, or finding work elsewhere.

Psychological Types

Vanessa Prins is specialized in Jung’s psychological types. She makes use of the Gifts Compass Inventory (GCI) which is a recently developed profile based on Jung’s model of psychological types. It gives a clear and nuanced image of a person’s temperament (introversion or extraversion) and preferred orientation (thinking, feeling, sensing or intuition). This online test helps us gain a better self-awareness through understanding of our greatest assets and development areas.

When do start Career Coaching ?

At any step in your career, for example after settling into the country, a reorganization at work, or whenever you feel the need to pause and reflect on the next step in your career.

What Goodman Coaching does not offer: Job Coaching
If you already know which kind of job you are looking for and simply need help to get a job- then job coaching might be a better choice.

Feel free to Contact  me for free introductory session any other inquiry.


Being a part of leadership training program, I had a privilege to work with Vanessa as a coachee for almost a year. I highly recommend her as a coach. Great listener, calm and considerate in her coaching style, she has a rare skill of asking powerful and thought-provoking questions that really make you find answers in yourself.

D FrolovN-Trans Manager, Moscow

Vanessa has an excellent quality for a coacher: listener! She can adjust her method accordingly, as the customer’s needs reveal along the process. This guarantees good results and satisfaction.

Marco FraihaBusiness Development at Nutreco

I highly recommend Vanessa as Coach, she is great bringing structure and focus!

Danielle BeltranGlobal Head Brand Analytics en Philips | Big Data & Analytics