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Jung’s Psychological Types and Midlife

Jung’s Psychological Types and Midlife C.G. Jung was one of the first psychologists to study lifelong human development. In his article “The stages of life,” Jung differentiated three main periods: childhood, youth (from puberty to midlife), and after mid-life. To illustrate these stages, he used the analogy of the sun’s journey from the horizon: “In the morning […]

On communication

Many of the difficulties we face at work, or in our own lives, are often due to miscommunication in one form or another. At work, poor communication can lead to diminished collaboration, fruitless meetings, conflicts and overall dissatisfaction. Communication Communication can be influenced by many factors. First of all, our own personality, and the kind […]

Managing stress

In today’s work environment, the pressure to be highly productive often results in people feeling rushed, overworked or generally dissatisfied. And, thanks to our modern technology, we are constantly online, juggling various urgent problems at the same time. There is also an increased expectation for people to work faster, and for longer hours, so we […]

Why managers should develop self- reflection

In todays fast moving and highly competitive world economy, managers and leaders need to be highly productive. Given this pressure, they tend to focus on pressing business matters and planning their next move. They tend do be doing a lot, but not taking enough time to think and reflect. Managers should take enough time to […]